Rachel Ray meals in 30 minutes are some of the best you can make. It’s certainly not easy to find better recipes on cooking shows on television. There are several reasons why Rachel Ray’s meals and recipes stand out above the rest.

* She has 30 minute meals. You can make a main course, side dish and dessert in only a half an hour.

* She uses common ingredients. While there will be a few exotic ingredients in any collection of recipes, most of hers feature ingredients you are familiar with.

* She makes things easy. She shows you techniques for savings steps in the kitchen, like using a garbage bowl, and offers suggestions for stretching your food dollar while eating well.

* She makes cooking fun. She doesn’t get too serious or act like everything must be precise. She’s known for nicknames like EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) and for saying things like “Yummo!”

Just the fact that so many of her recipes are 30 minute meals is enough to set her above many other Food Network chefs. While they may prepare a recipe in 30 minutes on their show, it’s only because they summarize, skip steps and have much of the work done ahead of time.

When they need chopped onion, or a teaspoon of a spice, it’s already there for them in a little ramekin dish. Rachel Ray’s cooking show isn’t done that way. If she needs chopped onion for her recipe, she chops it right there. Nothing is pre-measured or prepared for her.

Something that makes Rachel Ray’s show one that so many people watch is that she even pulls the food out of the refrigerator as she needs it. This is something we all do, but most cooking show chefs simply have everything lain out on the counter for them. But in 30 minutes, she gets the ingredients, prepares them and makes a whole, delicious meal.

Because she uses fresh ingredients that most home cooks can readily find, Rachel Ray’s recipes are inherently healthier. While that pasta dish with 4 kinds of cheese might contain a lot of fat, it doesn’t contain unnecessary added fat, salt, MSG or additives. These things sneak into pre-packaged foods and make them much less healthy than most people think.

With Rachel Ray recipes, you at least know what you’re putting into your food. If a meal is a bit carb or fat heavy, you can easily adjust the other things you eat that day to make it fit in with your eating plan. Even if you’re dieting, there’s room for Rachel Ray 30 minute meals, as long as you eat certain foods in moderation.

In addition to her meals in 30 minutes, Rachel Ray has a cookbook out that’s designed for families with kids. All the proceeds from that cookbook go to charity, which makes it an even better purchase. You can also subscribe to her magazine, “Every Day with Rachel Ray” to get articles, tips and recipes for new Rachel Ray meals every month in your mailbox.

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