More than 15-year-old experience in national healing allows to draw a conclusion, that the organism is perfect self-regulated energy-information system in which all is interconnected and is interdependent, and safety factor always more than any damaging factor. Despite a considerable quantity of directions in traditional national medicine, the basic reason practically all diseases is infringement in work of a gastroenteric path . Gastroenteric path is difficult “manufacture” on crushing, processing, synthesis, to the suction substances necessary for an organism and removal of products of a metabolism. In its each department, as in shop (a mouth, a stomach etc.), processing process write should be finished. For example, in a mouth the food lump should be crushed before loss of specific taste, that, increasing its surface, facilitates it about working digestive juice further.

I am ready to confirm, that such illnesses as Alzheimer, Parkinson, a multiple sclerosis and others, are connected with infringement of exchange processes, in particular, bad work of a gastroenteric path therefore it is formed strong neurotoxic poison – the ammonia amazing nervous system.

gastroenteric path is:

all 3/4 elements of the immune system responsible for “putting in order” in an organism;

more own 20 hormones on which work of all hormonal system depends;

the belly brain regulating all difficult work gastroenteric path and interrelation with a brain;

more than 500 kinds of the microbes processing, synthesising biologically active substances and destroying harmful. By the way, their gross weight reaches 2 kg;

some kind of root system on which functional condition any process depends, occurring an organism.

close interrelation of all bodies of a body with certain sites of thick intestines – the same as on hands, stops, ears, eyes, infringement in which leads to various diseases.

Pollution an organism is:

preserved, refined, fried the messenger, a smoked product, sweet for which processing a lot of oxygen because of what the organism constantly tests oxygen starvation is required. For example, cancer tumours develop only in the oxygen-free environment;

badly chewed food diluted during time or after meal with any liquid (1 dish – meal). Decrease in concentration of digestive juice of a stomach, a liver, a pancreas does not allow them to digest food up to the end therefore it decays, is enlisted, that also is the reason of diseases.

Infringement of work gastroenteric path is:

easing immune, hormonal, fermentative systems;

replacement of normal microflora on pathological (a dysbacteriosis, , a lock, etc.);

change electrolytic balance (vitamins, micro-and macrocells), that leads to infringement of exchange processes (an arthritis, an osteochondrosis), blood circulations (an atherosclerosis, a heart attack, a stroke etc.);

displacement and squeezing of all bodies chest, belly and pelvic areas that leads to infringement of their functioning;

developments of stagnation in any department, especially thick intestines, lead to pathological processes in body projected on it.

Not having normalised a diet, not having cleared an organism from slags, especially thick intestines and a liver to cure any disease it is impossible.

Thanks to clearing of an organism of slags and the subsequent reasonable relation to the health, we result all bodies in a resonance with the put in pawn Nature frequency, thereby restoring endoecological a condition, or otherwise – the broken balance in energy-information communications both in an organism, and with an environment. Other way is not present

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