If you need to get from point A to point B for a few days or even a month, then wheelchair van rental may be right for you. First off, you need to be able to locate a good dealership that offers wheelchair van rental. You can do that by talking to your clinician (if you have one) or by going to http://www.google.com and typing in the keywords “wheelchair van rental” + “your city”. Keep in mind that “your city” means the actual city you live in or one a major one nearby. From there, you can contact a wheelchair van rental company.

Now it’s important to let the sales reps there know your particular situation. They need to know the condition of the wheelchair user, whether he or she will be driving and the type of wheelchair they have. They will also need to know if other family members will be riding along.

You’ll find there are many makes and models of wheelchair vans available for wheelchair van rental. Many of these makes and models are top quality as the market has become somewhat competitive. That said it’s very important the sales rep knows your particular situation so he or she can provide you an appropriate wheelchair van rental.

Wheelchair vans on rent can average from $80 to $120 a day. Generally insurance will not pay for you to rent a wheelchair van. Depending upon the rental company, the wheelchair van can be delivered to your residence, even with a driver. And, you may be able to travel across the country in the wheelchair van and then drop that van off at another one of that company’s nearby locations. However, as with all companies, policies and methods of doing business may vary.

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