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How to monitor Body Mass Index on your own

Some people will use their body fat percentage in order to figure out if they are healthy or not but other people may use different numbers, such as the body mass index. The body mass index formula that is used in order to determine this number is rather complex. Fortunately, it is not really necessary for you to know the math behind the index, all that is really necessary for you to know is that the BMI, or body mass index can give you a general overview of your health and tip you off to any potential problems that need to be corrected. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height.

You also check simple and automated calculator to monitor your health, body and fitness status

The easiest way for you to use the body mass index formula is to use a calculator that is available on the Internet.

These calculators can be found on hundreds of different websites but I tend to like to use two or more different websites in order to compare numbers.

At times, different factors may be taken into consideration when determining your body mass index and some of them may not even necessarily be true to the actual body mass index formula.

Getting two or more measurements, however, can help you do have a general average and will help to show you where you lie on the chart.

Most of us are aware of whether we are overweight or not but one of the shocking things that comes from many people trying out the body mass index formula is the fact that they discover they are considered obese. Obesity is a real problem and in some areas of the world, it is almost considered to be epidemic in proportion. Unfortunately, along with obesity goes a number of other issues such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure and the general wear and tear that it puts on the human body. If you discover that you are considered obese according to the body mass index, you should began a program of diet and exercise that will drop your numbers.

It is not really necessary for you to go to extremes in order to lower your body mass index numbers. As a matter of fact, sometimes just losing a certain small percentage of your body fat will be enough to take you down into the comfort zone. In order to do this, you need to cut the amount of calories that you are eating every day or get some exercise in order to increase the amount of calories that you are burning. Even dropping 500 calories below your daily consumption is enough to help you to lose 1 pound every week. You will not miss the 500 calories but you will love the fact that the pound goes away.

Although there are a number of different factors which can be used in order to determine your overall health, the body mass index formula is one that will continue to be used regularly. It’s an easy number for you to come up with by using an online calculator and they can give you an overview of your health at a glance.

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