Are calories the enemy? No matter how you look at it, eating, running or even when jogging, calories can equal weight gain, therefore they are the enemy. As you may well know there are 100’s of calorie burning, fat and weight loss gimmicks out there in the market place. However, the fact is there is one “weight loss gimmick” out there, which doesn’t cost a dime and that is plain old fashion physical exercise. And it really does work.

The type of exercise really doesn’t matter. However, running or jogging does seem to benefit a person more with weight loss and calorie burning. The good thing about jogging and running is that a you can control the amount of calories you burn; by how hard you work.

The further a person jogs; the more calories are getting burned. Although, it is never easy to get started on an exercising program, you will lose weight if you start. However, you need to have a certain type of “want to” or “get up and go” about you, in order to be successful.

But the good in that is everyone has that in them. Some have to look deeper inside them to find it than others; but it is there. And once it is found then the sky is the limit. But one thing you have to remember, you can start burning those calories immediately, but it takes patience and fortitude for you to lose those extra pounds.

Losing weight is not something that happens over night. Although many people try those weight loss gimmicks to try to lose the rolls of fat, it really never works. It’s hard work, and it takes time. That is why it is important for people to find the right program that works for them. Something they are comfortable with.

That is why so many people take up jogging. Calories are burned at a fast rate and jogging is something that is fun. Not only can running be fun for you, it can be fun for a friend, your kids or just about anyone you know.

By having someone to jog with, you have someone there to push you and you push them. It can make a boring run into a more enjoyable experience. And by jogging, everyone can burn those calories and lose those extra pounds together. Make burning those calories and losing that weight a friendly competition.

Another positive about jogging, is jogging can be done anywhere at any time. A person can run at the local park where the air is fresh and you have nature around you. Then again you can jog at the local gym or YMCA. And of course you can run at home. This is where yu might be the most comfortable, so why not jog there.

Losing weight and burning calories can be fun. Jogging and calories being burned is a formula for permenate weight loss.

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