The balanced food that we consume contains only a certain amount of vitamins and minerals and they are just not sufficient for the healthy functioning of the body. The body needs a minimum amount of them and any shortfall in the vitamins and minerals will lead to serious disorders. The deficiency will show off only when the lack is already in a relatively advanced level. People who do not have enough amounts of vitamins A, B1 and B2 suffer from:

1. Frequent fatigue
2. Psychological or emotional disturbances
3. Loss of appetite
4. Chapped lips

In general vitamin deficiencies are caused by poor eating habits, alcoholism, emotional stress and improper absorption of vitamins and minerals due to liver or intestinal disorders. The Medical Practitioner will prescribe supplements to address the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. All the same any excess of vitamins can also be harmful to the body. In short vitamins are must even if one maintains a healthy diet.

Regulated food habits followed by the right vitamins and minerals serve as buffers in the event of shortfalls. It is not easy to calculate how much vitamins and minerals your body takes in every meal you consume. There will be still some lack what you need.

The very important components you must look for in as supplements are the vitamins B6, B12, D, E and Folic Acid. Other than from being dietary supplements, these ‘B’ group vitamins have been known to assist combat certain types of cancer and heart ailments. Though there is no hard-lined link between cancer and daily intake of ‘B’ vitamins, studies in this field suggests their preventive powers. This has raised the importance of daily dosages of vitamins and minerals in our system.

The standard vitamins of RDA -level are easily available in the nutrition shop counters at a reasonable price. People should get over their old belief that a proper healthy diet is just enough to keep one going. This has been proved wrong and now is the right time to invest on your health. Health is wealth, and we need vitamins and minerals for our body. Of course, you may have to invest a little more on these vitamins and minerals that may lead to added costs, but when we really see the result, vitamins are probably the cheapest type of insurance readily available in the market right now.

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