Vinegar remedies have been around for a very long time. As far back as Hippocrates as a matter of fact and maybe even farther. Hippocrates lived from 460-377 BC and is known for prescribing vinegar for persistent coughs. Vinegar is believed to be very effective in treating infections of the skin and scalp. More recent studies show the opposite but I know that a paste made with vinegar and baking soda takes the sting out of sunburn and bee stings.

Yes, I said sunburn, the vinegar restores the acidity of the skin and cools the burned areas. just soak a cloth in some white vinegar and place it over the sunburned areas.

Diabetics used to use vinegar to control their symptoms before the anti-diabetic medications came along. Two tablespoons of vinegar taken with a meal reduces the glycemic index of many foods containing high carbohydrates as much as 30%.

Cholesterol and triglycerides may also be positively affected by vinegar remedies. The study used rats to prove that ingestion of vinegar lowered cholesterol and triglycerides significantly in those rats and also lowered blood pressure. There has also been noted results of a lowered risk of ischemic heart disease fatalities in people who ate vinegar and oil salad dressings instead of the creamy salad dressings.

Vinegar is not only used as a medicinal agent but also as a household cleaning agent as well. Diluted with water vinegar can help you clean your windows without a streak to be seen. Malt vinegar on crumpled newspaper is the best way to apply the vinegar to your windows. White vinegar is used to clean out coffee makers and to clean calcium or other mineral deposits from sinks and counter tops or other smooth surfaces.

With it’s bactericidal effects you can clean a number of surfaces with a dilution of water and vinegar. Also a natural deodorant you can use vinegar as a rinse when cleaning out your cat’s litter box. When the vinegar dries there is no lingering scent so you do not have to worry about smelling like a pickle when you use it as a hair rinse. Diluted of course.

What about the vinegar diet that is out there? Not so much. Vinegar will erode your esophagus and cause a potassium deficiency and can be a leading cause of osteoporosis. Other helpful health benefits of diluted vinegar is using it as a screening tool for cervical cancer. The vinegar changes the affected tissue to white so diagnosis can be made by looking. Early detection using this method has decreased the mortality from cervical cancer by a whopping 35%.

Legend has it that Four Thieves Vinegar made it possible for four thieves to rob houses during the time of the plague and not get sick themselves. The recipe? Garlic soaked in red wine vinegar.

Vinegar remedies have been around for ages and you can find all kinds of information about them in books at the library and on the internet. One last thing, you can use diluted vinegar as a last resort for a stop bath when you are developing film.

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