triphala body and overallhealth benefits

Triphala is one of the most popular and effective Ayurvedic remedies used over the millennia to treat various illnesses. This powder with excellent medicinal properties is effective in treating constipation as well as detoxifying the body. It is a gentle detoxifier par excellence. It regulates glucose levels in diabetics, controls hypertension and even stops the progression of cancers.

Triphala means ‘three fruits’ in Sanskrit; the three fruits are Indian gooseberry, kadukkai (Terminalia chebula) and thanrikkai (Terminalia Bellirica). The three fruits on their own have immense medicinal value and are used in the preparation of various home remedies. When these fruits come together in Thiripala, their medicinal powers multiply synergistically, resulting in a remedy that has a wide range of healing applications.

Triphala balances the tridoshas vata, pitta and kapha. It is mentioned in Ayurvedic text Sushrut Samhita. Generally Ayurveda physicians prescribe Triphala for constipation as it is cleanses the bowel in a gentle manner while acting as a detoxifier. Hence this preparation can be taken in moderation every day without any nasty side effects. But when we limit its usage to just a laxative, we might miss out on its other health promoting properties.

Regular intake of triphala benefits lungs and reduces the intensity of an asthmatic attack. It is rich in antioxidants, hence effective in combating cancers and signs of aging. It guards you against infectious diseases and tackles chronic ulcers and arthritis effectively. Triphala’s detoxifying effect results in healthy skin and good hair growth.

triphala health benefits

Thiriphala powder can be taken with water or honey. A tablespoon of the powder is mixed in water and taken at nights at bedtime (one hour after supper) for constipation. It can also be taken with honey for cleansing and other health purposes. Some find it hard to stomach the taste of the powder. They can take the powder in capsule form.

Triphala tea is yet another easy way to consume the remedy. Boil a glass of water and add a teaspoon of triphala powder. Allow the water to cool and add honey as needed to hide the taste.

Triphala can also be used an eyewash for eye infections. For this purpose triphala powder steeped water kept overnight is used. Splashing this water on eyes is found to be beneficial in redness of eyes etc.

Pregnant women should desist from taking Triphala as it has a tendency to favor miscarriage. Excessive intake can lead to dehydration and stomach troubles due to its laxative properties.

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