toxicity of body

Toxin is an undigested foreign compound residing in the body and has a detrimental effect on cell function or structure. The human body is not designed to accommodate toxins. Some toxins cause minimal negative effects while others can be fatal. Toxins damage the body in an insidious and cumulative manner; they can take several days weeks and years to build up to a point of destruction. That is why many people who are sick do not understand the cause of their illness. They do not know that it is as a result of months or years of toxic accumulation that generated the symptoms (say cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, high cholesterol, heart attack etc. Always remember that these toxins are detrimental to human health and are the cause of diseases. One fact is certain; if the body is free of toxins disease will not be able to reside in it.

We live in a very toxic world; our environment is filled with toxic chemicals, some of them man-made and others which occur in nature. Our air is polluted, the water we use for drinking, cooking food and bathing is filled with pollutants and our food is insalubrious.

These environmental toxins often make their way into our bodies; we inhale them, ingest them in our food and water, and even absorb them through our skin. They may also be passed from mother to child in the placenta Every human being is part of the whole (interconnected), we share same airborne chemical pollutants which are attached to dust particles and travel to other parts of the earth. Water ways also serve as great distributors of some of these toxic substances. It is becoming more difficult than ever to live a wholesome healthy life style.

An average 21st century new born baby already has more than 200 pollutants in its system at the time of birth. What more of infants, teenagers and adults? This means that every one including those in good health have some degree of toxicity. Studies show that since the 1940’s approximately 87,000 synthetic new chemicals have been produced in the United States alone. Over 3,000 of these synthetic chemicals have been added to our food supply. More than 10,000 chemical solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives are now being stuffed in processed food (These synthetic chemicals do not digest once consumed so they get stocked in the system as toxins)

toxic fluids of body

People who consume non organic foods, processed and junk food are in big trouble. Imagine ingest hundreds of pounds of food annually that are contaminated by these chemicals. Let’s say in a lifetime, talk less of the pollutants in water and air. This will ultimately disrupt the body’s ability to function normally and create several diseases.

Worst still most of non organic foods are genetically modified; meaning that the genetic blueprints of living organisms such as plants, animals, and microorganisms are unnaturally altered or disrupted. Consumers of these genetically modified foods are constantly exposed to unknown hazard to the very essence of good health.

The human body produces toxic substances as well. These substances produce many of the same negative effects as environmental toxins. Candida yeast is an example which can be very toxic and tricky to treat.

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