how to remove Tired Puffy Eyes Dark Circles

This is due to excess strain on your eyes. Staring continuously at the computer screen is one of the problems. Lack of sleep also causes this problem. Such kind of strain to your eyes gives the tired look. You start developing dark circles as well as eye bags which can be a put off many people by having a glance at you.

Self-care Measures for Eyes

- Get enough sleep

- Eat a vitamin A rich diet such as fruits, apricots, green leafy vegetables, carrots, egg yolks and butter

- Drink plenty of water

- Avoid alcohol, smoking and direct sun

- Try to wear sunglasses whenever you are outside

- Avoid too much television

- Can do yoga asanas like Simhasana to help your eyes

Home Remedies for Your Eyes

- Easiest of all the solution is to wash your face with cold water. This helps in making your face clean and clears your face from any inflammation and also moisturizers it to avoid any eye problems.

- Take some boiled tea in a cup of water. Once the water cools, dip two gauzes in it, place each of the gauzes on your eyelid for 15 minutes. Once the gauzes are dried, dip it again to gain the most from this remedy.

- Lavender oil is another soothing agent which helps to keep your eyes fresh and radiant. Add a drop of this oil in two and half cup of water. Shake it well before using. You can use two cotton pads as eye pads which are dipped in this solution.

- Use two chilled and soaked chamomile tea bags to be placed on your eyelids

- The first thing in the morning you see in the mirror is the puffed eyes. You can use ice, chilled spoons or tea bags on your eyes to remove that look.

- Place couple of slices of chilled cucumber on your eyes and try to relax in a secluded place. You can use the same procedure by using boiled potato

- Soak couple of cotton pads in Witch Hazel to be placed on your eyelids. Due to the good starch content, potatoes work greatly to minimize puffiness and redness.

- You can dip cotton in a mixture of rosewater or milk or almond oil to keep your eyes refreshing

Many people need to spend a few minutes to make minor changes to their lifestyle so that eye vision is improved and dark circles around eyes begin to diminish with time.

Lifestyle Changes for Eye Care

No more Smoking for Eyes

Experts say many people get hooked on cigarettes when they are teenagers, but at that age they may not realize that it is bad for their eye health in addition to their lungs. Smoking can cause elevated blood pressure that can cause optical issues. It also deprives the body of necessary oxygen. While smoking cigarettes, tar and nicotine get into the eyes causing sinus problems, allergy issues, and makes it easier for people to get sick with colds and flu. The irritants that get into the eyes can create a film over them that generates more mucus at night, causing that person to have very blurry eyes in the morning.

Exercise to Sooth Eyes

Just like exercise is healthy for weight loss and general health, it is also good for the eyes. Exercising lets the blood flow properly through the little veins and capillaries in the eye. Exercise makes the body cleanse the blood by making the heart beat and pump faster. It also adds oxygen to the blood which is good for eyesight.

A Proper Diet for Eye Care

Eating nutritious foods is vital to all parts of the body and the eye needs vitamins to stay healthy, too. Vitamin C, carotenoids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D are all helpful to the eyes. Eating green, leafy vegetables and a variety of fruits, along with multi-grains, lean proteins, and low-fat carbohydrate choices is an excellent way to get many of these nutrients.

Hydration to Keep Eyes Cool

The eyes cannot work properly without enough water. Fluids help the eye rinse itself to get rid of foreign objects like dust particles. It is also necessary to stay hydrated for proper blood flow. Water helps tear production too.

There are simple things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and make sure you have best of the visions of this beautiful world.

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