Vitality and energy are by products of good health and are needed to achieve career success, excellent relationships, and many other goals.

There are no guarantees, but here are some ideas for increasing your odds of having a long and healthy life.

1. Drink plenty of water.

Much of our body and brain are made up of water. You need water to stay hydrated, to flush out toxins, to assimilate nutrients from food, and for your brain to function properly. Drinking plenty of water also keeps your skin from becoming dry and prematurely wrinkled from dehydration.

2. You need a little sunshine.

It is true that you can get too much sun but we need some sunshine. Ten to twenty minutes of daily early morning or late evening sun is beneficial.

Sunshine gives you vitamin D which you need so your bones can absorb calcium. Without enough vitamin D our bones can become brittle and break. It is unnatural to spend all of our time indoors. We need fresh air and a little sunshine to maintain excellent health.

3. Exercise is important.

Our bodies need movement and physical activity. Proper exercise slows down our physical deterioration.

We need three types of exercise: Flexibility, aerobic, and strength training.

4. Eat well.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are among the most important foods you can eat. The greater the variety of colors, the better because they contain different types of antioxidants. Antioxidants strengthen your immune system and slow the aging process. Fresh produce is best, frozen is second best, and the least nutritious are canned fruits and vegetables.

5. Go for plenty of Walks.

A lot of people will say walk for 30 minute per day, I disagree. Walking should not just be for losing weight, it should also be for your own peace of mind. Walking is a non strenuous exercise that improves your heartrate, your respiration, and your mood. Enjoy the walk and take it slowly and you will want to take many more walks.

6. Isometrics.

You do not need to go to the gym to get a workout. Sitting there at your desk you could be doing Bicep Curls right now. Instead of using a weight, simply make a fist and tighten up the bicep. Now, as you bring your fist up to your shoulder, make it as hard as you can on yourself. Literally use your own strength to fight the movement. This will enhance tone, strength, and never risk a muscle. You can do this with any exercise, including something as simple as washing the car.

The two most common diets around are the Low Fat diet and the Low Carb diet. These plans have been popular for many years because of the initial weight loss, but people have trouble keeping the weight off later on. Let’s look at them for a moment

Low Fat Diets tend to eliminate some of the truly best tasting food. As well, without fat interrupting the flow of carbohydrates going into your system we tend to feel extreme highs and lows. If you have ever had a sugar high, you will know what this feels like. The crash at the end is the worst part. You will find yourself much more irritable and erratic.

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