There are a million and one trendy diets out there offering to change how you look and feel in a matter of days. The consumer is flooded with products that will make their skin “appear” healthier and softer to touch. In a world with too much focus on looking good and “appearing” healthier, there is one diet that WILL make you healthier and potentially live a longer life in your anti-aged body.

The anti-inflammatory diet has so many uses today it is surprising every one of the health, fitness and beauty gurus have not jumped on the simplest of diet changes and marketed them as the next big trend in weight loss, beauty and anti-aging. The fact is the anti-inflammatory diet can do everything other diets claim they can do and increase lifespan in the process.

So how do I jumpstart the anti-inflammatory diet?

Get a journal and write down all the foods you eat in a given week. Think of this first week as a natural eating time, so don’t make any changes or eat anything you would not normally eat. Once the list is complete, head off to the Internet for a little research and education on the power of food over inflammation. Many people are surprised by the effects seemingly healthy foods can have on overall body health and the prevention of illness. Sure, the market screams at the consumer about drinking more vitamin C and reducing calories, but what about the foods that seem healthy but really aren’t? These foods will be found after a week of journaling before starting your anti-inflammatory diet.

Are there any baked foods on the list? Chances are, if these foods were purchased prepackaged; they will contain at least a small amount of trans fats. Even the small, 100 calorie bites of cupcake marketed as healthy alternatives can contain up to 0.5 grams of trans fats. Eating just two of these little cakes a day for a week contributes a whopping 7 grams of trans fats the only healthy level is 0 grams.

Did you eat a salad this week? Many people think eating a salad is a healthy alternative and it can be, without that fat laden dressing covering the healthy greens. One tablespoon of regular dressing can contain 100 calories and about 10 grams of fat. The typical true serving is about ¼ cup per salad. That equates to 400 calories, 40 grams of fat and a -76 rating on the inflammation factor scale which measures the total inflammatory effect of foods on the body. The goal is to reach +50 or more.

But, I didn’t know…

Few people look at the foods they eat in an inflammatory way. But, the fact is that many common illnesses that can be life threatening is linked to inflammation. Choosing foods that contain no trans fats and low total fat is a healthy choice toward building your anti-inflammatory response. These changes are simple and anyone can jump onto the diet at any time.

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