Structure is the foundation of the human body and of the Triad of Health. All the physical actions, activities and encounters we experience in our lives have the potential to mold and shape the structure of our body.  

What we have done with ourselves, and how we have done it, is reflected in the way we have developed our muscles, bones, and neuromuscular coordination.

Physical pain is considered by many to be more real than emotional pain. Even the healthiest person may have an accident in which a bone is broken. How that bone heals will depend on many factors, including the person ‘s emotional strength and chemical balance.   Any stress to one leg of the Triad of Health can and will have an effect on each of the parts of the triangle.  

Communication plays a valuable role in health. The body ‘s communication system begins in the brain and is transmitted to the rest of the body by the nerve system. If anything occurs to interfere with this communication from brain to body, health issues can result.

For example, a man came in to my office who had difficulty turning his neck to the left.   He was experiencing pain and spasms on the left side of his neck and upper back. He had normal range of motion rotating his head to the right.   He also said that he has been experiencing indigestion for about six weeks prior to his neck bothering him, indicating a chemical problem.   Since he had not been able to turn his neck for several weeks, he also noticed that he had become more irritable and that his tolerance to stress had decreased, affecting his emotional well-being.

Which came first?   Well, at this point, it doesn ‘t matter.   All three elements of the Triad have been compromised.   Action will be taken to determine the body ‘s priority for healing and getting back in balance, and it is possible that all three elements will need to be addressed.

Both physical and emotional problems may have their own warning signals if we can learn to be aware of them. Headaches, neck pain, back pain and digestive issues are a few physical warning signals. Stress, worry and sadness are just a few emotional warning signals.

Remember, healing always comes from within each of us. One of the ways I help facilitate that healing is by removing vertebral subluxations from the nerve system.

When the structural component shows up, I also may utilize a protocol called ??reciprocals. ?   For example, if a patient has right shoulder pain, I will address the left hip with an acupressure type of stimulation. If the pain is in the left knee, I will stimulate the right elbow.

When interference is removed, the integrity of the body can be restored and the body will heal on its own.

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