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Believed to date back 5,000 years, Tantric sex is an ancient Indian/Eastern spiritual practice. Like yoga or Zen, it is practiced for the purpose of enlightenment — and the philosophy transcends the bedroom into all aspects of life. In the Tantric view, sex and orgasm equal spiritual awareness at its peak. The original tantric thoughts was to elevate aura and inner strength of the body.

The tantric sex practiced in current form is the corrupt format of enhancing strength but it is still effective. It’s like better to have something than nothing. The original tantric way of strengthening body, soul and mind is lost.

yab yum tantric sex position

How to Have Tantric Sex

We all hold the key to Tantric sex: breath. If you can keep your body relaxed and your mind clear of the mundane, your “inner goddess” can be fully present. Using your breath, you can spread orgasmic energy from your genitals through your entire body. This allover tingling can lead to a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner. Despite all the talk of too-good-for-words orgasm, the big “O” is not the goal of Tantra. Instead, it’s just being in the moment and riding a wave of sensation and arousal (yours and your partner’s). If you focus on getting to one big bang at the end, you may miss out on tons of other “orgasmic joys” happening in your bodies along the way. Tantric instructors promise that in addition to fuller orgasms, women experience orgasm more quickly since they learn to become more relaxed and sensitized.

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Some Amazing Tantric Foreplay Tips

1. Create a sacred space for lovemaking

Transform your bedroom. Awaken your senses with flowers, aromatherapy oils, scented candles, fresh fruits, and chocolates. Include sensual fabrics like silk — whether it’s your sheets or your lingerie.


2. Shake your body alive

Put on your favorite music and stand with your legs hip-width apart, relaxing your body and breathing through your mouth so that your breath travels down to your belly button. Shake your whole body — your legs, head, butt — for one minute. Lie down, and invite your partner to come into the bedroom. “You’ve opened up all these places where there’s tension and increased the sensitivity, allowing pleasure in,” says Cartwright. “If you make love after doing that, it’s more likely that you’ll have a whole-body orgasm.”

3. Breathe and rock

Sit on the bed or floor, facing your partner (you’re on his lap). Start by closing your eyes, and use your imagination to watch your breath move in and out of your body. Start to allow your breath to go three inches below your belly button. Begin rocking like you’re in a rocking chair, moving your chest forward as you inhale and rocking back as you exhale. Then, as you inhale and rock forward, tighten your PC muscles; relax them as you exhale and rock back. “You may start to feel sexual sensations,” says Cartwright. Stare into each other’s eyes (“soul gazing”) and breathe, rock and pulsate together. “The amazing connection that you’ll feel will blow your mind,” says Cartwright. “Your energy fields get together, so you’re both in the same state and are much more sensitive to each other. It’s very electric.”

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4. Share a Tantric kiss

Continue to sit on his lap and rock together — you inhaling while he’s exhaling and vice versa. As he breathes out, you’ll discover yourself breathing his breath into your body and down to your sex organs. As you exhale, be conscious that you’re sharing all of yourself with your partner. Then kiss and share the breath. “Intercourse is not even necessary because you’re so merged,” says Cartwright. “Tantra is about diving deeply into desire and pleasure. If you feel good and ecstatic, then you’re on the right track.”

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Simple Tantric Poses for Extreme Pleasure

According to western interpretations, tantric sex is also about enjoying sexual intimacy with your partner by focusing on a higher level of satisfaction and togetherness – making it more deeper. Think of it as more of a full body and mind experience than day-to-day sex. Like with meditation and yoga, which both have similar ancient roots, tantric sex is about the energy within yourself and connecting deeply with another person. Fans of tantric sex believe sex is much more satisfying than regular sex,
Interested in exploring hot and sweaty tantric sex? Try these great sex positions for a taste of tantric.

Yab Yum Tantric Sex Position

Maintaining eye contact and feeling each other’s bodies is key in tantric sex, so the Yab Yum position is a perfect place to start. The man sits cross-legged while the woman climbs on top and wraps her legs around him. The man rocks gently and can start off slow and gradually build up to one of tantric sex’s greatest gifts: simultaneous orgasm. The friction of touching bodies makes the moment of penetration more satisfying than jumping right in. His hands are free to roam and stimulate the body, and you’re both aligned to share kisses.

The Sidewinder

Another face-to-face position that leads to a lot of kissing and eye contact is the spooning position but with both partners facing together. It is easy to get into this position: just roll the missionary position on its side. Depending on your comfort level, one leg may stay under the man or both can be together rested across his legs. Focus on synchronizing breaths and becoming in tune with each other’s movements.

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The Padlock

Hop up onto the counter top or washing machine and wrap your legs around your man’s waist as he takes control of the situation by grabbing onto the hips or butt. Lean back and rest on your hands or elbows to create a bit of distance and enjoy an erotic view of your lover’s body.

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The Butterfly

Find a comfortable, low piece of furniture to rest on, but instead of laying flat like the Padlock position, raise the hips against his pelvis. He should have a firm grip on the butt to guide himself in. Hold the table to match his thrusts, and focus on synchronising your motions and breath.

tantric sex poses for pleasure

The Double Decker

Among the great sex positions for mutual satisfaction and intimacy includes the woman laying on top while facing away from the man. Begin by sitting in reverse cowgirl position and lay back against his chest. Take control by pressing your feet against the bed to create a sliding motion. Enjoy his warm breathing on the back of the neck and listen for his cues to slow down or speed up.

Time Bomb

Grab a chair and have him sit down. Slowly lower onto him until your feet touch the floor, reaching full penetration. Although you’re in the driver’s seat for this one, your man can get a good grip on your butt to guide your hips in rhythm. Speed up or slow down and guide each other to simultaneous orgasm.

tantric sex poses

The Ascent to Desire

This is quite the athletic sex position. Have your man pick you up into his arms while he’s standing. Holding his neck for support, lean back and work your hips as he holds onto your butt. It may not be for every couple, but it is exciting for those daring enough to try.

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