Often when you think of exercise for weight loss you think of running, jogging or even aerobic type exercises to burn off calories fast. Strength training is often overlooked but it is also a fantastic way to exercise for weight loss.

The first thought that might come to mind with strength training is muscled men working out on weights at the gym. Strength training is more than that though and there are many simple exercises that you can do to build strength. Simple exercises like arm raises and leg lifts when done with controlled muscle strength are effective at helping you to lose weight.

There are some tools to help with strength training like resistance rings or bands. You can use the bands to step on and pull up the ends or wrap it around your back, hold the ends and pull forward. They are very effective for strength training weight loss and are much cheaper and take up less room than a full weight gym set.

Another exercise with resistant bands is to place the band against your hip and exercise one arm and then switch sides and exercise the other arm. You can complete almost any exercise that you can do with dumbbells or barbells with a resistant band.

You can get different resistance bands with different resistant levels and they will cost between $10 and $20. I don’t think you would find dumbbell or barbell set for that price. You would be looking at paying hundreds of dollars for those.

Resistance bands basically give you a whole set of weights with the one piece of equipment. The bands offer a certain amount of resistance and by holding it in different positions you can increase the resistance. You can double or even triple the resistance of the band by giving yourself very little slack.

Resistant bands and strength training will help to tone your muscles without making them bulky or giving you huge biceps. Toning muscles will make them tighter and smaller and will then assist with your weight loss.

If you did want massive muscles then you have to work pretty hard to get them. You may need to join a gym or have a complete set of proper weights if you want huge muscles. To build up huge muscles you need huge weights and big, exhausting workouts. Resistant bands, or other similar strength training, won’t give you these huge muscles but instead will tone your muscles and make your body smaller.

Muscle tissue burns more fat so you become more efficient and burning calories when you tone your muscles. Your metabolic systems works at a higher rate so the more your muscles are toned the better your metabolism works and the more fat you will burn.

To lose weight it certainly does work to do cardiac exercises like aerobics, jogging or running but it is even more effective if you combine these exercises with some strength training. So for the best results combine cardiac and strength training exercise for weight loss.

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