Steroids are artificial derivatives of the naturally occurring male endocrine ‘testosterone’. These have been used for different medicinal functions including the bone growth stimulation, muscle development, appetite and puberty. You have positive steroid effects when you use steroids rightly at right time, buy you have negative steroid effects when you use steroids wrongly at wrong time.

Steroid effects mainly depend on steroid use; steroid effects are positive when they are used for positive purposes, but steroid effects are negative when they are used for negative purposes. Steroid effects are similar to other androgens like testosterone, when you take them in excess.

There are certain physiological steroids effects including the increase in the protein synthesis, muscle mass, eagerness, power, and bone expansion. The excessive consumption of steroids often results into harmful steroids effects such as high cholesterol level rise in LDL, fall in HDL levels, high blood pressure level, hepatotoxicity and alterations in the left ventricle morphology.

Testosterone and di-hydrotestosterone are the physiological steroid effects. If it is taken during pregnancy, then it can have an effect on the growth of the fetus. Anabolic steroids are androgenic and produce the androgenic consequences in the human body.

Steroids effects can result into grave health problems including early hair loss or premature balding, giddiness, faintness, mood swings (anger, sadness and aggression), hallucinations, feelings of distrust or dread, sleeping troubles, vomiting and nausea, hand trembling, joint pain, yellow fever, liver damage, urinary problems, increased risk of developing heart disease, and stroke. One of the more worrisome steroids effects for males is that the body begins to fabricate less testosterone amount.

Steroids are illegal to buy without any prescription from a certified physician. It is unlawful for individuals to sell steroids. Doctors recommend steroids to treat medical conditions. Steroids are only secure to use when a general practitioner observes the person, otherwise they are harmful. The steroids effects can be fatal and can bring a person to the door of death. There are many steroids effects that not be seen, until it’s too late.

High school and middle school students, jocks, weight lifters, body builders need to have complete knowledge of the possible steroids effects on their bodily growth. Different steroids effects also come into play, once abusers stop taking steroids. They’re at high risk of developing mistrust, fussiness, and severe depression that may result into suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide.

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