Donâ??t you wish to be healthy and fit? But do you have ever thought of the real meaning of health. Health actually is a source of daily life but not the intent of existing. It is an optimistic perception accentuating communal as well as individual possessions in company with corporeal penalties. In general health is accomplished in the course of an amalgamation of bodily, cerebral, and arousing in addition to societal interests which in concert is frequently submitted as Health Triangle.
To maintain a good health one has to have healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep. As said by Buddha, every human being is the author of his own health or disease, so, preventive measure is the most prized means of sustaining good health. By having customary medical check ups, one can be aware of the evils as well as can have defensive steps for its treatment at the right time.
Health aspects are all about either physical or else mental fitness. Physical fitness guides all the way to be in shape that is the proper body health which is the end product of regular exercise, adequate diet and appropriate relaxation meant for bodily revival. Mental health illustrates either the intensity of expressive comfort or the deficiency of mental turmoil. Maintaining a fit body is an unending progression. Efficient stratagems for remaining in a good health as well as humanizing into good health includes social activity, sports nutrition, hygiene, stress management, awareness programs in addition to public health. The safeguarding of well-built social associations is associated with good health circumstances, prolonged existence, and efficiency as well as optimistic mind-set. Sports nutrition leads to the relation between nutritional appendage and sporty presentation. Hygiene is the carry out of keeping the cadaver fresh to stop contagion and sickness as well as to stay away from communicable agents. Stress management refers to the relevance of either overcoming stress or adds to lenience stress. Awareness programs such as onsite fitness trainers, training exercises bring a social awareness amongst people to be fit and healthy. Public health is the way of avoidance of ailments, extended existence and endorsement of health via prearranged labors and information by the cultures, communal as well as classified associations, districts and persons.
Health science is an aspect spotlighting on health with an addition of many subordinate regulations. There are two features of health science, one is the cram of human body function and its responsiveness towards health aspects and the other is the submission of comprehension to put off health disorders or else progressing to heal ailments.
Concluding that the stipulation of overhauls to maintain a physically as well as mentally fit body on the way to the betterment of oneâ??s health is all about health care.
The proverb â??Health is wealth â??really means a lot as without it you are the most poor of all. Health gives you the stamina to fight under odd situations as well as for running for the wealth to maintain ecstasy. Besides all, a healthy mind and body is always appreciated and well- accepted by all.

So, be healthy and wealthy as health is the greatest wealth.
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  1. I have had my license suspended and my poor motorcycle is spending her Summer season sitting in the garage.

    Of course, I dare not take my bike out on main roads etc. out of fear of further prosecution. However, I have taken it around the block (approximately 0.615 miles around, in an extremely quiet neighbourhood) 2-3 times a week, once around the block each time. I do this just so that it gets some juices and air flowing through the engine, a short run to keep it “healthy”. The bike is a Harley Davidson Street Bob, built in September 2011. It has 374 miles on the clock so far.

    Will this little usage be harmful to it in the long run? (Until next April or somewhere thereabouts). How much more should I ride it to maintain its health?

    If recommended, I’m thinking of building a contraption to let the back wheel roll freely so I can run it in the garage with a high-power fan in front or something. I’ll do anything to conserve the running quality of my bike, it’s my most prized possession.
    My license was suspended because I drank 12 beers and went to sleep for 7 hours. I woke up, drank a redbull and jumped in my car. Came across an alcohol checkpoint at 6am. Lucky me, eh.

  2. I am a 25 yr old female I am 5’3 and about 125 pounds, I would like to lose no more than 10 pounds, for the last week I have been speed walking on my treadmill for 30 minutes on a speed of 3.0 mph and then right after that I do 30 minutes on my ab circle pro and then when I am done I drink a glass of my Amp wheybolic Extreme 60 protein shake with 2 percent milk cause it tastes better that way..I am doing this everyday…is this a good workout plan if not can you please give me some advice, I am hoping to reach my goal within 2 months, I need a flat stomach for the bikinis this summer 😉

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