In today ‘s world of fast-food, TV dinners, and macaroni and cheese, it is important to be aware of your body and your weight. In America, obesity and poor health has never been at a higher peak than it is in today ‘s society. Many headlines have stated that ??Obesity is on the Rise ??; it is true. Some sources estimate that obesity affects 30% of American adults. This number is absolutely outrageous. More importantly, obesity is one of the leading factors of many serious diseases and conditions. It is important that you take control of your own destiny and know your own health.

 The body mass index system was established by Quetelet, a Belgian, around the 1840s. This has been a prevailing system that easily compares height and weight of individuals across social and political boundaries. The BMI is calculated based upon weight and height of the individual. An acceptable value is between 18.5 and 25. Once your BMI reaches the 25 to 30 range, you are classified as ??overweight ??. A BMI over 30 is then classified as obese. With this knowledge, we know that 30% of Americans have a BMI of over 30. This is a serious risk to our society as a whole and to each individual that is obese.

 For this reason, Escali Digital Scales recently released a new digital scale that tracks this important piece of information for you: the BMI150R. Upon input of your height, this scale will tell you not only your weight but also your BMI. It is also a tracking scale; meaning that it will keep track of your change and progress as you go along in your diet. It will track up to 10 individuals per scale so that your entire family can see their progress and see if they are progressing or digressing.

 The BMI150R also comes with a remote monitor that displays your data. It can be detached from the scale and placed anywhere where it is most convenient for you. I found it useful because to put somewhere near eye level so that I did not have to bend over to see my weight or BMI, or squint to pick out the smaller numbers. This is a very useful feature for those of us who have some sort of impaired eyesight. The remote functions through the infrared spectrum so it is safe to use.

 This digital scale also has a very useful hold feature that allows you to set off of the scale and it will still display your weight. The product also comes ready to use. Simply take it out of the package and it is ready to go.

 As to the design of the scale, it is built extremely well. Not only will it last (and it has a 5 year warranty), but it will also spark up your bathroom. It comes in a very nice tempered white glass composite. So it will go in just about any arrangement of bathroom and can be easily hid from view, or left to stand out and compliment your bathroom. It is extremely easy to clean as it is merely a flat surface (without grooves or bumps, etc) and will continue to be a brilliant white throughout its life.

 Overall, I would recommend the BMI150R as a good solution that will enable you to know your weight and a better measure of your health, body mass index.

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