Pregnancy can be one of the most fulfilling times in a woman’s life. The joy of bringing another  human being into the world creates a tremendous feeling of contentment and anticipation, but it is also a time of great physical and emotional upheaval. So the Spa at Chiva-Som has designed a range of new treatments to help pre and postnatal guests enjoy a secure and tranquil experience.

Together with exercise, good diet and rest, these treatments can play an important role in helping you cope with the stresses of nine months of pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

The Pre and Post Natal Body Treatment combines soothing massage with the therapeutic benefits of E’SPA products, and has been carefully designed to improve the tonicity of the skin. It’s performed on a bed designed for comfort and safety during pregnancy.

After deep skin cleansing and a gentle body polish, you will have a luxurious body massage with E’SPA’s specially developed Nourishing Body Oil. Some essential oils such as basil and marjoram should be avoided during pregnancy, so the silky Nourishing Body Oil is based on Jojoba, blended with Calendula, Grape Seed and Sweet Almond Oil.

We then envelop your body in warm Marine Mud to nourish the skin, and end with a deep acupressure point scalp massage.

The Spa at Chiva-Som offers many other treatments for pregnant and nursing mothers. These include Floatation, which induces a deep state of mental relaxation and helps to eliminate stress and tension.

With Oriental Foot Massage you recline in the Chiva-Som Music Therapy chairs as the therapist works reflex points in the feet and ankles to balance the entire body, stimulate the circulatory system and alleviate muscle tension.

For ultimate pampering, try the Bath Of Chiva, performed in the candlelit luxury of your own room as tension is soaked away in a hydrating milk bath with rose petals and chamomile flowers.

Please ask at reception for more details of all these treatments.

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