Pooling Your Resources The Benefits Of An Aquatic Workout

You’d definitely work out more if it wasn’t, well, so much work, and didn’t leave you with all those aching bones. Maybe your doctor even advised you to “take it easy” due to a pre-existing condition.

Well, now experts note there are even fewer reasons to make excuses. And one of the best ways to get your feet wet when it comes to physical activity is by literally getting your feet (and entire body) wet, by submerging yourself into a fairly stressless fitness routine.

Water workouts, according to the experts are great for folks of all ages, strengths, shapes and sizes.

Experts note that when properly executed, water workouts can offer results similar to those achieved by “regular” workouts, including aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and greater balance. Furthermore, physicians and fitness professionals alike recommend water workouts for the following reasons:

1. Water’s buoyancy help support your weight. When you are submerged in water (up to your neck), the water “deletes” up to 90 percent of your (total) body weight, significantly decreasing tension on your weight-bearing joints, bones and muscles. Additionally, instead of working and landing on a hard surface and with the impact of your total weight, aquatic workouts mean landing with only 10 percent of your total body weight jarring you and thus decreasing your chance and risk for injury.

2. Immersing yourself in water helps increase your circulation and can help boost your cardiovascular health.

3. Water pressure on your joints and muscles can help reduce swelling, especially if you have painful injuries.

4. Water provides resistance that helps strengthen your muscles, as you push against it.

5. Because the effects of gravity are less in water, you may be able to do more stretching exercises than you could on dry land.

So when it comes to a balanced form of exercise, few options offer the overall benefit of an enjoyable swim.

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