If you are looking for a permanent hair remover then there are several options available. Unlike waxing, plucking and creams, these systems actually do an incredible job of removing unwanted hair- no matter where it might be located. But with this kind of guarantee there are some things that you will have to concede to.

The systems that are used for this extent of hair removal use one of two methods: laser or electricity. Both have their benefits and disadvantages so it all comes down to what you want to go through and what you are willing to pay to get the results you are looking for.

The laser technique involves using a light to absorb melanin into a hair follicle. Once the melanin is absorbed with enough heat it kills the follicle, rendering it unable to reproduce another hair. Once the follicle is dead it should never again sprout hair.

While this technique is adequate it does have its drawbacks. Not everyone will be able to use this service. Certain skin types may permanently discolor if they are exposed to this kind of treatment. If the treated is not carried out precisely then there could be permanent discoloration. It is also recommended that individuals who have certain colored hair such as gray, red, or blond do not use this method.

Electrolysis has been around for over a century and has recently gained a new following. This method is slightly different in that it uses a needle similar to an electric probe to direct electricity down into a hair follicle. This is much more effective and can be used on any skin type or hair color. However, there are certain drawbacks with this method that should be mentioned.

The needle must touch each individual hair for approximately one minute each. For those with substantial amounts of hair to be removed this will take some time. In fact, it is common for the treatments to last once or more per week for sometimes as long as a year. This is due to the fact that new hair will be constantly emerging and they have to be treated, as well.

This type of permanent hair remover also comes with a pretty steep price tag. The total cost of these sessions can often go from hundreds up into the thousands of dollars. And both methods carry redness, irritation and sometimes even mild scabbing that generally diminish over a short period of time.

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