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     The source of cancer doesn’t exist anywhere but in the mind. Some people will read that sentence and react with “but cancer is real!” If that’s what you did, then read the line over again. Yes, cancer is a real creation of the mind, and yes, it does exist in time and space, but regardless, the source of cancer always originates within us. Upon hearing that Truth, most people immediately want it proved to them. But Truth cannot be “proved to” because it can only be “proved by.” That’s just the way Truth works. Anyone who is arrogant enough to believe that they can prove Truth to another is just way off mark, unless of course they’re a Saint, The Buddha, or Jesus, but that’s another conversation entirely. This “proved by” is just the way The Universe works. Truth is proved by our living out of it, not by our proving it to the disbelievers, something that customarily can’t be done anyway! In every case, your own experience is what is of value to you, not any other’s, except that is, to support you in showing yourself that whatever truth you see being lived out by another, can be and has been, done. But after that eye opener, still, it is you who have to be off and running toward proving whatever Truth you are interested in living out, through your own example.


            Think about proof in this way. Ten thousand millionaires can give you ten thousand methods for achieving wealth, but unless you take a single one of them up on their method and then apply it to your own life, you won’t have gained a single penny. No millionaire can prove to someone in poverty, who refuses to develop the mindset necessary to get themselves out of their poverty, that their methods work. Only that person in poverty can prove by following those methods, that they work. Truth is belief lived out through action. Our health is no different, in that it too follows this Universal rule of belief/action/there’s the proof! Ten thousand sources can come at you from ten thousand different directions, all saying the same thing, that your health is up to you, and that with your mind you can improve any physical condition at any time, but unless you actually believe and then practice this Truth, you won’t shift your health in the desired direction you want it to go in. I would imagine that would be toward more and more robust and vibrant health!

            Our dilemma with our health and shifting it ourselves through the power of our mind is that we have been so thoroughly trained in doing exactly the opposite. We have been brainwashed to take the easy way out. Common practice is to take a drug, and hope that “it” cures us. But think about it. What do drugs actually do? They might for instance, kill bacteria at a more rapid rate than our bodies usually manage to do, but that’s only because we have not yet trained ourselves to be that healthy through our minds! And even when we take an anti-biotic, after it’s done its job, what heals our bodies? Our bodies do! Through the power of our minds. So the job drugs actually do is to allow our bodies to more rapidly heal themselves, through the only means available for our bodies to heal; our own bodies, and that’s it! Drugs have their value, just like herbs and other remedies have always had their value, but the greatest value on our health of all is our body as it is directed by our minds! Just ask any doctor if stress is not the one most influential factor on our health. And where does that come from? Us! Our minds! Through worrying! Through having excessive concern! It would follow then, that if a negative force such as stress that so obviously only comes from our minds, can so affect our bodies, that there also must exist a positive aspect of our minds that can affect our bodies in the opposite direction from that which stress leads us; toward robust health!


            One note on drugs, or any other powerful catalyst we can use within our lives, for whatever reason that catalyst was developed, or is used. The use of drugs to support our bodies, regardless of the medical modality that most resonates with you, is something humans have done ever since time began. What’s changed is our shift into much more of a sole reliance on drugs, rather than a balanced reliance on our minds first, and then drugs, to eventually support us in healing. Used together with our positive mindsets, herbs, drugs, homeopathy, or any other modality you choose to use, can be highly effective. And it’s not that any modality is not effective, they all are, but only within their particular area of workability. For instance, when you have an open wound, you might want to use surgery, not acupuncture. That choice does in no way diminish the effectiveness of acupuncture within its realm at all. Neither does choosing any particular modality for healing, in any way diminish the effectiveness of any other modality either. This conversation was presented in order to diminish the “battle” between adherents of modalities. There is no battle. There’s only your health and then to choose what works best for you in any particular set of circumstances. And regardless of the modality you choose, it is now and ever will be, still your mindset first, and then your body, that eventually causes healing to happen.


            Ultimately, just like proving that cancer originates only in the mind, it is us who have to prove whatever model of Truth we come up with, to ourselves, and then to live that model out through practice. How many inspirational stories have you read over the course of the last twenty years, about people who with their minds have deliberately cured themselves of cancer? There have been thousands of those stories published. How many tapes have you listened to, or movies have you watched, about not only miracles of journeys from poor health into robust health and wellness, but also simple stories of perseverance and strength that inspired and motivated you? Read those books and those stories, listen to those tapes, and watch those movies. There is a communication in there for you that will ultimately lead to your own increasing wellness on a continual and lifelong basis, whether that wellness is of your body, your relationships, or your financial picture. How many times do you have to do so? The rule of thumb is to watch those movies and read those stories as many times as it takes, and that’s it. Because another Truth is that if one single human being has ever done anything, whatsoever, then that possibility also, right now, exists for any one of us to do as well, period, bar none. Including healing ourselves of every condition imaginable, because it’s already been done! Just another Universal Truth!





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