If your body feels tired, heavy, worn-out, or just plain “the same,” then rejoice! It’s a new year…and time for a new body. Our bodies regenerate most cells an average of once a year. That means every year you have a completely new body.

The question is…how can you use your body’s annual cellular transformation to create the body you want? Here are some quick tips on how you can have a new body in the new year (especially if you want to lose weight):

Enzyme Therapy: Studies show that taking enzymes between meals (in addition to before meals) will help to reduce fat and toxins stored in your body. Just take 2-4 capsules of Simplexity Health regular or super enzymes between meals and watch the difference in your energy and fat levels!

See Yourself as You Want to Be: Studies from Harvard and other research facilities show that visualization has the power to change the way we look and feel. Stop looking in the mirror for a few months and spend your time visualizing how you want your body to look and feel instead. Your mind, which directs your body, doesn’t know the difference between what you see in the mirror and what you see in your mind’s eye. Try it—this technique works for major league athletes, why not for you?

Move Your Lymph: If you’ve got major areas of fat buildup on your body, use manual massage or an automated massager to put movement into those areas. Studies show that most fat and cellulite is actually lymph that’s gotten stuck. Move the lymph/fat toward the heart with massage and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well this reminds body to get rid of fat. For you thighs, consider using a rolling pin, rolling from knee to hip. The areas you massage will start to take on a sleeker, smoother look.

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