My experience about body detox/body cleansing as health remedies.

I would like to take you through my own personal experience with a master cleanse program.  Honestly, I was not really the overweight type.  I was about BMI 22-24, not the super lean body.

As part of my 2010 personal goal, the first step, I need to get down to 17 or 18 BMI; step 2, I need to get down to a body fat percentage of 15% to 18%.  Everyday, I go to the gym, or at least 5 days a week, doing extreme cardiovascular exercises, weight training.  However, my weight was not coming down.

The feeling of tons of stuff inside the abdominal area make me even more depressed, it seems so hard to get rid of it, it even affects the bowel movements.  You pressed onto the stomach, abdominal area, it feels like a stone inside the body, just sluggish feeling.  I am sure you know what I mean, how I feel.

I started to stroll through drug stores; I went to GNC, searched around.  However, after spending huge amount of money (if you have been researching, you know each bottle cost at least USD$59, and it adds up.  Just to try 5 types of drugs, it costs you USD$300! But nothing seems to help.

A friend of mine introduced me to master cleanse, it is natural, it is simple, it works and it really cleans the whole body!  It is like putting your internal organs into a bubble bath J  I appreciate the product the most is the holistic approach, it gives you not just the method, it gives you the pre-cleanse, post-cleanse steps and actions that you need to take care of your body.

In a few days, about 1 week plus, you feel lighter, you feel slimmer and you actually are slimmer.  There are possible discomforts at the beginning of the process, for example, headache, back pain etc.  However, this is very dependent on individual’s conditions.  This is not a side effect of the method per se.  It is something to read about and understand, as such, do not freak out if that happens.  That is just normal.  Nevertheless, if it persists, you may need to consult your doctor.

But I can endure pain, as I love seeing a flat stomach.  I love it.

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