For some peculiar reason, whenever I address a health issue and my male friends are present, the discussion is quickly redirected to another subject as they try to avoid the discussion. I recently encountered the same phenomenon and one of my friends responded that men are feeling guilty of making mistakes when it comes to their health. From forgetting to eat their daily fruit and veggies indulging in a hamburger of French fries, to scheduling an appointment with the doctor only when the symptoms they have been experiencing for weeks intensify, But although this can be partly explained due to societal standards that portray men to be strong and touch, this potentially life-threatening health negligence cannot be justified. Enduring pain and being able to overcome any type of problem they face does not seem as an adequate explanation for this type of problematic behavior. The truth is that men tend to view doctor’s visits as uncomfortable and involving potentially painful procedures and in general men are not capable of handling or enduring pain.

Health Issues in Men

Alcoholism is the consumption of alcoholic beverages to a point that this behavior impedes with the alcoholic’s normal life. The chronic alcohol consumption caused by alcoholism can result in psychological and physiological disorders.

Drinking alcohol is not always detrimental to health and in fact drinking in moderation can be good for you. Try to drink sensibly. Drinking 3 to 4 units (or less) a day for men is just fine. You should see to it that these daily limits shouldn’t exceed even if you only drink occasionally. A few days in a month without any alcohol can prove to be quite beneficial to your overall health, too. Health issues are always on the news these days and this is to educate a lot of people about their health especially their sexual health. Common men’s sexual health matters include prostate cancer, sexual transmitted disease or STD, AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. There’s also a problem about erectile dysfunction commonly known as impotence that is represents a serious issue for those couples that want to have a baby but then they are not blessed because of that illness.

Sometimes the erectile dysfunction from the medications is a side effect that goes away as the body adjusts to it. Other times the doctor is going to need to adjust the dosage or even try out new medications. Many males don’t want to share this problem with their doctor though so they just stop taking their medication. That is certainly not a good solution for any male who is having problems with sex due to medication conditions as well as their age. Low self esteem is a major problem for men with their overall physical appearance as they get older.

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