Your body is an incredible and miraculous biological organism or “machine”. It has several systems that work together to keep it running smoothly & efficiently. But, like any organized system or machine, it needs the proper ingredients or materials and care, to continue working properly. . .

“Any disease or illness or lack of life energy is a symptom of a breakdown in the perfect operating systems of your body.”

In brief, here are the systems that need to work at peak efficiency in order for you to feel great continuously, to have abundant energy and live a long healthy life.
*Digestive & Elimination system
*Detoxification or Purification systems
*Immune & Disease Fighting systems
*Circulation systems
*Regulation systems
*Neurological system
*Structural systems

On top of all this, we have the Energy Systems and the Thought Systems that have a tremendous influence on our overall health. (See the corresponding categories for more info). From an integrated standpoint, all these systems work together to create optimum or maximum health. For instance, if you are eating well, and exercising, but at the same time thinking negative thoughts and feeling nasty feelings about your body, do you think you will have optimum health? The integrated systems all have somewhat of an effect on each other.

Don’t let this seemingly complex array of systems slow you down. As we said, we are going to keep it simple, but you do need to get at least familiar with how your body keeps itself healthy in order to make wise decisions about your habits & practices.

The most important systems to work on at first are the digestive and detoxification systems. The reason? These two systems drastically affect the health of your whole body. They must be operational to regain optimum health.(more info in the corresponding info pages)

The digestive system is where most of your nutrition for every cell in your body is absorbed or assimilated. If it isn’t working properly, how is your body possibly going to stay healthy? When your cells divide or reproduce, how are they going to grow into healthy cells? As you can see, the effects of having a clogged up or diseased digestive system will be devastating to the whole body.

The Detoxification system is responsible for removing dangerous and unwanted impurities from your blood & cells. The liver, along with the lymphatic system are the main players here. Without a proper functioning detox system, you will become ill. The pollution will mount up and the blood will carry it throughout your body. If it breaks down too far you will simply die. Again, their importance cannot be overstated.

Right now, what you need to know is that you can give your body what it needs to rejuvenate these systems. If you cleanse and heal your digestion and detox systems, they will take care of healing the rest of your body €¦ As long as you then properly nourish them and keep them fit and functional.

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