Massaging The Upper Body

In practice since ancient times, massage is a relaxing experience of hand strokes on the body to rejuvenate the mind and body and eliminate stress. Using hands and fingers, the therapist alleviates any kind of muscular pains and discomforts and relaxes the muscles.

Stress related areas in the upper body are shoulder and neck area. Do not massage the front of the neck area around the throat as it is the most delicate of all.

When the person is lying down, massaging the upper body is easier. If someone has headaches, neck or shoulder pains, start by massaging the upper torso. Rub your fingers in circular motion over the temples, cheek bones and forehead lightly. The massage receiver feels relaxed.

Continue the massage along the cheek bone and jaw line, rubbing softly but firmly. Use gentle pressure around the eye socket area with finger tips. Massage the scalp areas, especially along the base of the head and temple using your finger tips for great effects.

To massage the shoulder and chest muscles, stand in front of the massager receivers’ head with your fingertips facing their toes. Rub the chest with your hands in flat position, moving your palms up and down and side ways leading to the shoulders.

Cup your hands underneath the shoulders. Use your fingertips to relax the muscles of the arms. This alleviates socket pain and helps to relax more. Move your hands up and down the arms; continue massaging the muscles so that your arms will relax further. Repeat the same with the other arm.

Rub the back in the same manner that you massaged the chest. Standing at the head of massage receiver, press your palms into the back muscles, rubbing it in a circular motion with your finger tips. It will relax the muscles and provide relief from stress and pain.

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