When a person has the condition known as hypothyroidism it means that their thyroid does not produce enough of the thyroid hormone. This is often considered to be the most common type of thyroid disease. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, intolerance to cold, dry skin and fatigue. If left untreated this condition can also lead to high cholesterol and other health problems as well. It is also very difficult to lose weight when hypothyroidism is not properly treated.

Although losing weight with hypothyroidism is often quite difficult it can be done. Many people automatically lower the amount of calories they take in when trying to lose weight. Unfortunately when hypothyroidism is a factor this is probably not the best action. This is because fatigue is already an issue with this condition and lowering your calories will only make this fatigue worse. To prevent this it is helpful to consume more healthy calories. This will help you to lose weight without making you feel even more tired than you already do. Some good food choices for this include low fat dairy products, lean protein and carbohydrates made from whole grain.

Another useful tip for losing weight with hypothyroidism involves exercise. Again because fatigue is an issue with hypothyroidism you should be smart about the type of exercise you choose. Daily exercise is beneficial in losing weight but only if it is done in a way that you don’t wear yourself down too much.

Medication is something else than can significantly help in losing weight with hypothyroidism. When medications for hypothyroidism is taken it encourages the thyroid to produce more of the thyroid hormone. As a result of this losing weight is much easier and more effective. This is why individuals with thyroid disease are encouraged to take the necessary medications to control this condition.

Last but not least is the issue of regular visits to your doctor. This is especially important after you start taking thyroid medication. These visits are to check the levels of hormones produced by the thyroid. Over the progression of time these levels may change due to the progression of age as well as hormonal changes within the body. By having these levels monitored regularly the dosage of your medication can be changed as needed so that it may continue working.

Losing weight with hypothyroidism may not be easy but following these tips can greatly increase the chances of getting good results.

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