Insomnia sleeping disorder treatment and cure

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you lay awake at night watching the ceiling? Or do you remain restless throughout the night even if you are tired? If so, then you suffer from the sleep disorder called Insomnia. Lack of sleep may cause exhaustion and affect your work as well as daily routine. It may become a serious problem if you snooze off while driving and that is the reason for 20% of all severe car accidents. Research also indicates that insomnia causes more risk of falling in women.


Insomnia can either be acute or chronic. Acute insomnia is short-term and lasts for a few days, and is normally brought on by situations relating to work, family or some traumatic incident. Whereas, chronic insomnia is ongoing that lasts a month or more. Chronic insomnia cases are secondary that means it is caused because of some other problem for example certain medicines, medical conditions, substances and sleep disorders.

Some treatments to cure insomnia may include

Lifestyle changes

That includes to avoid elements that makes insomnia worse for example; caffeine, allergy medicines that affect sleep, alcohol. Also, adopt habits that make you fall asleep easily, make your room environment sleep friendly, exercise a few hours before sleep and avoid heavy drinks and meals.

Insomnia sleeping disorder treatment

Prescription Medicines

You can talk to your doctor about the benefits and side effects of prescribed medicine and take accordingly as some medicines are meant for short-term use whereas, others for longer use depending on the type of insomnia you have.

Over-the-Counter products

These products include melatonin, L-tryptophan supplements, and valerian teas or extracts and do claim to treat insomnia. But food and drug administration regulation doesn’t include natural goods and certain food supplements so its effectiveness and how safe it is to use them is still not understood.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

According to the latest research, around 15% of the adults in the world have difficulty sleeping and that can cause depression, anxiety and even type II diabetes. After going over 20 studies, the researchers suggested that instead of taking sleeping pills or other types of medications, that may cause reliance on them and also cause horrible side effects, people suffering from insomnia might just benefit from the technique of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. This is a sort of talk therapy that provides assistance to people in changing their thought patterns and also helping them respond to situations in a better way.

Best or Worst Foods In Sleeping Disorder (Insomnia)

foods for Insomnia sleeping disorder treatment

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