Sometimes fertility treatment doesn’t work and you may need time to recover physically and emotionally before thinking about tying again. A doctor should be your first ‘port of call’ if you are looking for the reason for your infertility as there are many possible reasons for the problem. It is just as important to know which partner has the problem as it is to know what the couple can do about it when they see an infertility specialist. Figures for America show, for instance, that about one in every nine couples have an infertility problem leading to childlessness.

A full physical examination is only normally carried out when a couple have been trying to conceive for over a year and their doctor needs to assess their general state of health ad discover if there is any reason for the infertility.

Many older women convince themselves mentally, after listening to or reading misleading information that they are to old to conceive. Your emotional and mental condition can also dictate the chances of becoming pregnant and many couple have convinced themselves so completely that they won’t get pregnant that this attitude destroys any attempts to cure the situation.

Another infertility problem is known as Secondary Infertility and is characterized by the inability for a woman to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse following the delivery of the first child. For many males, it is the sperm that is causing the infertility problem. This is often caused by high levels of oxidative stress and it creates a problem with the sperm quality. Clinical research suggests that by reducing this oxidative stress that the quality of the sperm will be improved and increase the chance of conception.

Fertility can also be enhanced by the use of natural vitamins and supplements to improve the overall health of the body and it won’t harm any infertility treatments you are currently undergoing. Another aspect to this is the cost, as staying healthy and improving your chances of fertility with vitamins and other supplements compared to that of infertility treatment, and medical procedures, is low in contrast. If your infertility problem is stress related you may want to try acupuncture which helps the release of endorphins and other chemicals that help reduce stress.

Fertility treatment isn’t always covered by your medical insurance although you could claim that it is a necessary and legitimate medical procedure. Fortunately, infertility treatment is tax-deductible if you are unsuccessful with your medical insurance company.

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