Hydrotherapy - Alternative Health Therapy

Colon hydrotherapy is an alternative health therapy used to restore and maintain optimum health. It is safer than home enemas and most reputable therapists use state-of-the-art equipment allowing the treatment to be professionally administered usually by a certified colon therapist. Prior to the therapy you may be asked to eat light meals as well as possibly being asked to take an enema.

During the colon hydrotherapy, you’ll be required to lie on your stomach while the practitioner gently inserts a speculum (a small rigid tube) into your rectal canal. A plastic hose is attached to the speculum which in turn connects to a colon irrigation machine. Colonic hydrotherapy is becoming an increasingly widely used home treatment these days. But before you undergo this treatment you should have a good idea about exactly what colonic hydrotherapy is and the benefits it can bring you by making your digestive system work properly.

There are a few times when you definitely shouldn’t use this treatment. Colon hydrotherapy is not advised during pregnancy, particularly the first and third trimesters. The reason? It activates the colon which has the effect of stimulating other organs in the body. There is also a chance that toxins can be released into the blood which could in turn pass to the placenta. The only time a colonic might be considered during pregnancy is if you are severely constipated. In this case a treatment can give much needed relief.

colon Hydrotherapy - Alternative Health Therapy

Many people ask if they need to see their doctor before a colonic. If you have a health issue that you would like to inform your doctor about before a colonic treatment then go ahead but a medical examination beforehand is not necessary. If you have been diagnosed with rectal or intestinal tumours, diverticulitis, chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, acute liver failure, severe haemorrhoids or anal fissures, an abdominal hernia, an aneurysm or lupus or severe anaemia then colonic hydrotherapy is not recommended.

Another common question asked by many is whether there is any chance of cross contamination from the equipment used. There have been a very small number of cases of cross contamination but it’s rarely an issue. You should always check that your therapist uses pre-sterilised disposable hoses and tubing. The rectal tubes should be individually wrapped in sealed packaging which you should see being opened in front of you. Professionals will always take the utmost care and operate to a high level of hygiene at all times.

Hydrotherapy The Perfect Alternative Health Therapy

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