There is nothing admirable in wearing ill-fitting clothes. They sure provide coverage but not in an agreeable way. In this world, the kind and type of clothes you wear reflects your personality. For somebody who religiously goes to the gym to get in shape and stay in shape, wearing an ill-fitting suit will not do his ripped and toned body any justice. Hence, fitness and clothes need to complement each other to make give a person an appealing packaging. This is especially true when it comes to business suits. Show off that fit body with an excellent fitting suit and surprise your colleagues and bosses with the more confident, competitive and corporately handsome or pretty YOU.

Most of the time, people make and give impressions to the people they meet by the clothes they wear. When it comes to the work environment, appearances can make or break a great employee. Surely, the boss would favor somebody who looks sharp and effective. One way of achieving that display is by wearing a perfect-fitting business suit. You may not know it but majority of the major players in the country’s business world hire teams of people to help him complete his business wardrobe just to make sure that he wears the right color and fit of business suits at all times. To most people, one’s taste and preferences for business suit measure up to his business sense.

Great fitting suits are definitely wise investments. They sure leave an impression of being dressed for success. In addition, when you are working in a highly competitive work environment, the wearing the right fitting suit on your fit body gives an air of formality and professionalism, which hastens your bosses’ evaluation of your competency.

Hence, the key to dressing dapper is choosing the complementing color and fit of suit. Pay close attention to the way the fabric falls on your body, not on how much it costs. While getting the right fitting suit is a challenge, there are some simple tips that you can follow when shopping. Smart looking suits are usually very low-key so stay away from bold colors and designs. When it comes to fabric, go for classic colors such as charcoal, navy and black as well as subtle pinstripes. Two-button fitted jackets and slim cut trousers are a popular choice of cut but to better showcase your trimmed and tone frame, the best way to go is by choosing straight skinny trousers. When it comes to jackets, say no to boxy and over-sized shoulder lines. Say yes to narrow cut shoulders and sleeves that hit thumb knuckle and slightly pointed lapel to get a sharp-looking suit that enhances the torso.

A smart and sharp looking ensemble never fails to complement the confidence and spirit of its wearer. Nothing makes a more confident man than a great-fitting business suit. Aside from that, it helps make and leave an agreeable impression to the people that you meet and do business every day. More importantly, they provide the most welcome and elegant opportunity to showcase your hard work in the gym.

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