How often have you heard the phrase – “your health is your wealth” and how often do you take your health for granted?  Sad to say, in most cases, it’s not until you get sick that you fully acknowledge “your health is your wealth”. When you are laid out with the flu for example and can’t lift your head from the pillow, it’s hard to imagine ever feeling normal again, but after about a week you start to come right again, you have regained our health, you feel energetic, and mostly you get on with your busy life not giving it another thought. 

Until someone says “how have you been” and you might reply “I was laid out all last week with a terrible flu”. Such is the nature of the human psyche to move on and forget.  After all, who wants to sit around thinking about how sick you were when there’s so much to be done.

But, just consider for a moment, how YOU think about your health?  

People think of their health in either one of two ways. They will either invest their thoughts and money into creating great health, or they will spend money to heal their body when they are sick.

Whatever your attitude, the simple fact is that you cannot enjoy life if you are sick, so it is wise to learn anything you can to help you achieve better health, or heal faster when you are sick. Most people can’t remember the last time they were sick, but can you remember the last time you felt really well? The world is full of advice on how you can become or stay healthy.

The basics of exercise, sound diet and reduced stress are obvious, yet most people have stressed lives, poor diets, live in polluted environments, take medication which has side-effects and most importantly, their bodies are under constant attack from pathogens which cause illness.

Think about one of the major causes of illness today – obesity – the effects of storing excess fat in your body. Your body stores toxins in fat, the more fat you carry, the more toxic your body, and toxic bodies have a more difficult time responding to threats (bacteria, viruses, etc) and absorbing proper nutrition.

Overweight people are candidates for all sorts of diseases. The importance of weight loss and maintenance cannot be stressed enough. While you might think the main concerns about carrying extra weight are about how you look, the real problem is the exposure to dangerous health risks associated with excess weight or obesity.

There is today, strong scientific agreement that obesity significantly increases the risk of serious chronic diseases and contributes to overall mortality.

There’s plenty of advice everywhere on diet and exercise (the internet is a good place to start and there are numerous books on how to eat and exerse properly.  So stop making excuses and get some advice on how to eat well and live well and enjoy your life.  You’re a long time dead.


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