If you are still not emotionally and financially ready to have a child, then the best option to prevent pregnancy is to make use of an effective birth control method. Today, there are a lot of birth control options for you to choose from. Birth control options range from implants, IUDs, pills, sterilizations, and injections.

Each year, millions of people in the US alone are using different types of reliable birth control method. However, there are still some types of birth control that are proven to be inefficient, including condoms, spermicide, and most especially natural planning. The non-prescription and natural types of birth control are generally the least effective ones.

Despite the inefficiency reports on some birth control methods, a lot of people still prefer to use the least ineffective ones as means to prevent unwanted pregnancies. To ensure efficient protection, it is recommended to properly choose the best birth control type to use.

Choosing the best birth control

There are different types of birth control methods to choose from. The types vary according to non-prescription methods, prescribed means, and the natural planning approach.


1. Condoms

Condom is probably the most common type of non-prescription birth control method. This is widely available in drugstores and supermarkets. It is proven that the latex condoms work better in preventing pregnancies than the ones made from polyurethane.

Condoms are not advisable to use with lotions, oils, and petroleum jelly. These are, however, best used with non-oily lubricants.

2. Spermicide

You can buy this type of non-prescription birth control method in various forms such as jelly, cream, and foam at drugstores. Spermicide contains certain chemicals that kill sperm, thus, preventing pregnancy. This birth control, however, is one of the types that are proven ineffective.


1. Birth control pill

Generally, there are two types of birth control pills: these are the mini pills and the combined oral contraceptives. You need to get a prescription from your doctor to buy these birth control medications in drug stores.

2. Cervical cap

This is a soft rubber cup with a round rim that is inserted in a woman’s vagina. It is basically smaller than the diaphragm. This is oftentimes difficult to insert, thus, requiring you to go to a clinic to have it fitted.

3. Norplant

Norplant is a type of progestin placed under the upper arm skin of a woman. Known to have two types, namely the six-rod and the two-rod, norplants are made from rubber rods. You need to visit a specialized doctor to have the rods removed.

Natural planning:

The natural planning method is also called as periodic abstinence or fertility awareness. This method works by monitoring the days that you and your partner cannot have sex. The abstinence period starts seven days before a woman ovulates and three days after ovulation.

To properly perform the natural planning method, you need to ask your gynecologist regarding the ovulation period. The doctor will then determine the best time for you and your partner to have sex by means of body temperature, changes in vaginal mucus, and the menstrual cycle.

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