You must have seen some people who have a very charismatic personality and they are very popular. Everyone likes to talk to or be friends with a person with a good personality. You might have a good height, a good physique, sharp features and fair complexion but if you are having a depressing and dull personality then people will go away from you and they will leave you no matter how good looking you might be.

You must have been familiar with the phrase “some people seem very bright until you hear them speak”. The Life you lead, how many friends you possess and how your professional and personal life is going totally depends upon what kind of a personality you have.

You can handle all obstacles in your life if you have a good personality whether you are facing problems in your career or your relationships. A Person with a strong personality will neither let anyone harm him or her in any way nor will he attack anyone. If you have a strong personality then you will make the right decisions in your life. You will take your life towards prosperity, love and success instead of ruining your life unnecessarily if you have a strong personality.

Human beings are the most powerful species on this earth and they can achieve anything if they want to.

There is nothing like impossible for a human as he has an ocean of energy within him and it’s up to him whether he utilizes that energy constructively or destructively.

You all must have faced a phase in life when your career is going down, your health is getting affected, you are having problems in your relationships and you are doing nothing about it except feeling guilty for not fulfilling your responsibilities yet nothing is changed in fact the situation gets out of control and worse with time. You feel inactive, dull, and lifeless and you like to seek solace in things like social networking sites like Facebook and watching T.V or hanging out with your friends all the time. You sleep at 2pm or so at night and wake up at 10 am in the morning and you still don’t feel like getting out of your bed and do some productive work. Your work is pending and piled up and you are getting tantrums from your parents and teachers.

No one gives attention to you at your work and you feel left out. You don’t realize that such a routine is rotting your personality. You will enjoy watching TV if you watch only a few favorite serials and not watching the TV the entire day even when nothing interesting is coming on the T.V. You will not enjoy surfing net if there are no latest updates. The friends with whom you hang around with will leave you one day and they will score good marks because they balance their work with their recreation and you only focused on the fun. You cannot blame anybody if this leads you to depression and loneliness. Your life and your routine is in your hands only and only you can mend it.

If you want to get things right for you then the first step to have a good personality is to make your routine healthy. You should organize your timetable and you should regularly do your work. Even if you study for two hours daily you would be in a better position as compared to studying the entire day and then not studying for a week.

“Balance” is the word which can sort out your life. Only work and no play make jack a dull boy. You have to enjoy your life to the fullest and watch your favorite shows, surf internet, hang around with your friends and your family but you should do everything in a limit. You can go for a nice movie some day but it doesn’t mean that you watch every upcoming movie whether you like it or not. You should never compromise on your sleep no matter what happens.

The first step to have a charming personality is to have proper food, proper exercise and proper sleep.”A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. You might be very intelligent and you might have many good qualities within you like generosity, Kindness and wisdom but if you are not fit you will never be able to enjoy the fruits of life.

Sleep: The most significant aspect of making a good personality is proper sleep. An average person requires six to eight hours of sleep every day. If you are working constantly and you are not taking any rest you will observe that your performance and efficiency is decreasing. However, if you take a short nap and then continue your work you will be able to grasp the concepts easily. When you wake up early in the morning your brain is totally fresh and it works very fast. You will finish the work which took you five six hours at night in a few minutes. This is because your brain needs refreshment and rejuvenation. Some people suffer from sleep disorders and cannot sleep early at night. This is because they have set up their routine like that. IF you sleep early for one week you will be habitual of sleeping early. The youngsters have the habit of watching TV or talk to their friends or love interest till late in the night and they should seriously get over it because it would affect you as well as them negatively. Sleeping is good for your health but everything in excess is bad and one should not sleep more than six hours a day as it would make you lazy and dull.

Exercise: A simple walk, jogging or meditation early in the morning would help you stay fit, healthy and active. You will observe that even if you simply breathe in and breathe out you feel so much better. Exercise gives oxygen to the body and one feels very energized and relaxed after exercising.

Food – Your diet should contain sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You should have a glass of milk and other milk products regularly. You should have intake of fresh fruits and juices and avoid eating food containing High cholesterol. Green vegetables and pulses are very good for your body. You should avoid eating excessive junk food which would only make you obese and unfit.

• Most of you must have a wonderful book called “The Secret” which gives you the secret of a successful life. You all have energies around you which could be positive energy or negative energy.

• What you think becomes what you feel and what you feel becomes what you do and what you do becomes your life and finally your life becomes your destiny.

• It is a human tendency that human beings are attracted more towards negative energies and negative emotions like greed, lust, anger, frustration, arrogance, frustration and revenge as compared to the positive emotions like love, passion and kindness.

• A human being is a victim of fears and insecurities. He lives in constant fear of losing their loved ones or success.

• He is a possessive creature and can’t share something or someone he loves. This fear and insecurity makes him behave in a way as if those fears and insecurities have already come true.

• You can observe that whatever you have achieved in your life it’s because you once dreamt of it and imagined that you have already achieved it.

• If you are positive and confident about getting something you will get it definitely one day. You must have seen this in a movie that if you truly want something in your life, the whole universe conspires to get you what you want. This is the Power of the positive thinking because of which Bill Gates is Bill Gates and Einstein is Einstein. All these people who have created history have one thing in common. All of them are positive thinkers.

• You should not take situations on your heart and take life too seriously. The less you care, the happier you will be. You will have to stop caring about what people think about you or talk about you.

• Only god has the power to judge you and nobody has any right to judge you as they have not been in the situations in which you were and they have no idea that what made you the way you are.

• LOVE yourself the way you are be yourself without caring what others think of you. If people are gossiping about you they are thinking about you whether its positive or negative.This world has very less performers and many commentators and audience. It’s up to you what you want to be and how you would like to be known as.

• You feel that you are very pretty or handsome and you have the latest trendy wardrobe, branded shoes, belt, accessories and Diamonds but still you feel that you friend who is ordinary looking than you and wears simple clothes and shoes gets more attention in your group. She doesn’t have a complexion, height, features and body like you but still she is everyone’s favorite. This happened because she is probably more hygienic than you.

• If you also keep yourself neat and hygienic even you will be liked by everyone.

• Take bath regularly and brush your teeth twice a day. Your friends might be turned off by your bad odor or bad breath. Nobody will even notice your designer clothes if you are having a bad breath or bad odor. It just turns everyone completely off and no one would like to sit with you or talk to you. You should use a nice mouth freshener and deodorant with you always because you might be sweating all day in the sun or doing some physical work. A deodorant will save you from the odor.

• You should not only be particular about your face but also your hair. It’s the hair which makes up your personality and you should use a nice shampoo and conditioner for yourself. Regularly give an oil massage to your hair. You should always comb them and neatly tie them. If you don’t comb your hair properly, your hair would be eventually damaged and become frizzy.

• If you have a pet at your home you should wash your hands with Dettol every time you touch him otherwise all the bacteria would enter your body and you might fall ill.

• wash your hands and feet every time you come back home from a hectic schedule facing the dust and winds. You should wash your hands before and after each meal.

• cut your nails or if you like to have long nails then you should maintain them nicely. clean them regularly and then apply nice nail paint.

• In winters, always use a nice moisturizer so that your skin looks soft, supple and healthy. Use a lip balm to moisturize your lips and foot cream to take care of your feet and preventing cracked heels.

• Clean your makeup with a cleanser so that it doesn’t damage your skin.

• Wash your clothes regularly.

• Say a big no the street food which is made in unhygienic conditions. You might be very fond of burgers, pizzas and Chinese food but they have high cholesterol and they only make you obese and can cause several diseases. You should prefer packed food like chocolates or chips but never go for the street food as they don’t even wash the utensils and vegetables and the food is kept in open and all the bacteria and pathogen enter your body and harm you.

• You all must know one person in your class or at your workplace who adds life to the dull and boring environment. Everyone likes to be his or her friend and talk to her.Everyone takes advice from them and share all their personal problems or professional problems with them, gives them the most attention in the group and they are invited in every party. This is because they are good conversationalist. They are very interesting and have an excellent sense of humor.

• Some people have inborn X factor in them but even you can become a good conversationalist. You should try and inculcate a good sense of humor within yourself because if you are a serious person or you are always cribbing and talking about your problems, people will go away from you as everyone is so engrossed in their own problems that they cannot afford to take burden of other problems and they wish to seek happiness.

• They enjoy the company of happy go lucky people who are always smiling even if they are going through hardships in their lives. You must have listened to the phrase “laugh and the world laughs with you cry and you are left alone”.

• Everyone will love you if you are cracking jokes or using some nice one liner which would make everyone forget about their worries and tensions. Happy people are usually like magnets and everyone gets attracted towards them.

• Conversationalists have something to say about everything. They have knowledge of all the fields besides their own field like sports, entertainment, art, events, politics and latest gadgets.

• You like to converse with such people because you feel that you are gaining some knowledge by talking to those people and they can guide you in taking some sort of decisions.

• In order to have a good personality you should read news papers, listen to news and read magazines to know what’s going on in the world. You should develop at least one hobby which you call your own.

Sports: Have interest in at least one sport as sports not only teach you good qualities like sportsman spirit, leadership, teamwork, patience, acceptance of defeat, hard work and kindness but they also keep you fit and healthy.

Music: Learn to play at least one musical instrument or sing one genre of music. If you like to listen to music then know what sort of music you like to listen to, what are your favorite singers and what are your favorite compositions of that particular person.

Art: you can develop some sort of art like poetry, painting,, poster making or any other art which would add a new dimension to your life and make you a complete and a confident person.

Photography: If you are interested in photography, be aware of the best photographers in the world, latest cameras available in the market. You should know whether you like to capture events, people, nature or yourself.

• You might be a very good natured, generous and kind but how any one will know that you are considerate and well behaved. You have to portray yourself as a decent, well mannered and a sophisticated person.

• You behavior should carry a class and everyone should look at you and say that you belong to a good family.

• This kind of personality impresses everyone. You all are taught good manners right from the school by your Teachers and by your parents since you are born because your manners will decide your respect in the society.

• Even if you are highly educated but if you behave in a socially unacceptable manner then no would like you or admire you. One of the most horrendous bad manners is spitting in the public. It just turns everyone off completely and you don’t even feel like talking to that person again. Most of us must be aware of it and you are highly educated and I am sure you would never spit in public but your duty does not finish here. You have to stop someone who is spitting in the public.

• Never smoke in public places like restaurants, shopping malls, Cinema Theater or any educational institute. People passing nearby might get seriously offended when they have inhaled the smoke you blew out of your cigarette. Smoking in public is big no no.

• Staring is another very bad habit. You might be lost in your own thoughts and unintentionally you might be continuously looking at someone or you might be observing something about that person like his or her dress, bag or earrings but the fact is no one likes being stared. It is extremely annoying and the person who is being stared might fight with you for staring at him or her.

• You should never throw wrappers or anything on the roads or on the floor. The government has supplied you Dustbins then why can’t you make use of it? It’s your country and if you cannot make it beautiful then you have no right to make it untidy as well. Throwing garbage at the roads is punishable in some countries like North America. If you see someone throwing stuff on the roads and you think that it is rude to ask him to pick it up then you can pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. It will embarrass him and it will clearly give him and others a message that this is not acceptable in the society.

• You all must be going out to hang out with your friends for a nice treat or your boss might call you for dinner or You and your colleagues might go together to have food occasionally. You all are a little insecure and conscious whether you are behaving in a sophisticated and classy manner or someone is secretly getting turned off by your actions and would later make fun about you. You can get rid of these insecurities if you are aware of the table manners.

• When you go out to have food and the food is being served you should not start having the food until the food is there on all the plates or you might project yourself as a hungry cow who wants to grab food as early as possible.

• Never be critical about the food the host has ordered. You just can’t say that the food is not good or it could have been better because it looks very mean because someone has called you up for the treat and by disrespecting the food, you are disrespecting your host.

• Start your meal only after the host has started the food.

• Never discuss about the cost of the food or you will portray yourself as very poor and low class that you have to think so much before ordering the food. It’s okay to do this if you are going out with your best friend and your relationship is not formal but if you are going with professional and elite class people and you behave like this they will get turned off and they might even insult you for this.

• Never make noises with spoon and fork while you are having food as they are extremely irritating.

• You should not only focus on the food because a get together is meant for chatting, enjoying each other’s company and having food along with it. If you only focus on the food others would call you greedy.

• Always have some snack before you come for the treat so that you are not too hungry at the party. You should take food in a limit and your food should fill the inner circle of your plate. It should not go beyond that as it looks very awkward.

• If you get an urgent call while having food you should say excuse me and attend the call quickly and then you can continue having your food. If you leave your seat then you should place your napkin on the chair to give a signal that you haven’t yet finished having the food.

• When you are done with your meal you should place your spoon, fork and knife in the middle of the plate to indicate that you are done with your meal.

• There are three ways of communication – verbal, non verbal and written.

• The mode of communication by which we express with the help of our body language, gestures and expressions is called non verbal communication. Your body language tells a lot about you.

• You automatically come to know which person likes you and who dislikes you just by their expressions and body language. You can easily guess who is comfortable with you and who is not.

• The multinational companies always prefer personal interviews as the process of selection because any one can perform well in written tests but only in a personal interview the employer can judge your dedication towards work and how genuine you are. If you have applied for an international company which has an office in some other country they will judge you face to face by the means of video conferencing.

• You must have observed that the security cops at the airport can easily identify the criminal just by his body language. A person who is carrying illegal stuff will always be nervous and he will look everywhere and these slight signs can easily be caught by the trained cops.

• A human being can show around 1000 of expressions and he can say a lot without saying anything at all.

• If you are talking to a person at a senior post and he crosses his arms while talking to you that means he is listening to you but he is not open to your ideas. If someone shrugs his or her shoulders that means he doesn’t care and he is indirectly saying you to buzz off. If you slightly move forward while you are in a lecture that means you are eager to listen and learn but if you lean forward a little more that would mean you are aggressive and you want to prove your point. If you are looking at the door, playing with your pen, watch or anything in your hands that means you simply want to leave from there and you are least interested in what’s going.

• One of the most important aspects that could make or break your personality is your posture. Stand with your back straight and arms on the sides. If you keep you back bended it could kill your personality as you would look dull and old no matter how good looking you are or how well dressed up you are. If you are pressing your fingers, moving fingers across your hair or holding your head, it clearly shows that you are way too stressed or nervous.

• keep a distance while you are talking to your colleagues or your boss. You shouldn’t touch any one too much because others might get uncomfortable even if the person you are touching is of same sex. Use right gestures in the right situations to have an attractive personality.

• Written communication is the most widely used mode of communication in any business entity.

• If you are studying then you will have to make your notes, assignments, practical files and project reports.

• If you are working for any company then you will have to write down manuals, performance reports, schedule reports, sales reports and presentations.

• If you are good at your writing skills then you will go a long way in your life. The talent of writing skills is very much respected and appreciated everywhere.

• If you are good at writing you can become a poet, lyricist or a book writer. The name of Mr. William Shakespeare is written in history as the king of writers. Writers die but their work never dies.

• If you want to increase your written communication then you should read newspaper daily. You must have heard the same advice from your teachers and parents earlier also but you never took them seriously. It’s a fact that a person who thoroughly reads Newspaper is so knowledgeable that he can even clear an IAS examination.

• You can write well only if you have knowledge about any particular field and newspaper provides you knowledge about each and every field. If you can’t read the whole newspaper then you could pick up a particular column of the newspaper which is of your interest whether its sports, business or politics.

• Always read the editorial page of the newspaper because the best journalist writes the editorial page and it is very informative. Newspaper will help you in improving your grammar and vocabulary as well.

• Read some nice and inspirational books and novels written by some well known authors. The two states, five point someone, A walk to remember and The monk who sold his Ferrari are some really good books to read. These books will teach you the art of writing and will help you in developing creative and positive thoughts. You will also improve your vocabulary and your grammar.

• If you want to improve your written communication then remove this misconception that you can not write. You can start with hundred words and then slowly you can increase your writing capability and eventually you can even write a book yourself. You should get a grammar book from the market and practice tenses, nouns, adverbs, verbs and prepositions. You should learn ten new words daily.

• Life is a bed of roses but even roses have thorns. God maintains balance in the nature and if there are achievements, love and prosperity in your life then there are failures, heart breaks and betrayals too.

• No person is a totally happy person and the grass is always greener on the other side and you feel that the person who is very rich and has all the comforts of life is very happy in his life but that is not true. The real happiness lies in the love and support of your family, friends and spouse. You work all day to earn money but what is the use of that money if you don’t have any time left to enjoy the fruits of life.

• You live in a middle class family but your family and friends are very supportive and loving still you are not happy because you don’t have the BMW car, android phone and a lavishing house. You can’t wear branded clothes and shoes.

• A person might have money as well as love but he might be suffering from some disease. In short, the human soul is never satisfied and every one faces hardships in life.

• Falling in life is not losing but falling and never getting up is losing. A true winner is a person who loses everything and gets everything back with his own will power.

• Motivation is encouraging the people to be positive and perform well in their life. Motivation can be positive or negative. Motivation is very important because no matter how strong you are you will always need a factor that would drive you to work harder.

• For some people money is the most motivating factor and they will give their best because they want money for their bread and butter.

• Some people want appreciation, recognition and fame so they will work hard to get a senior position and status in your office. They would do anything to get promotions and incentives.

• For some people negative motivation works they work hard because they have the fear of losing. They have the fear of the insult they are going to face if they do not perform efficiently. Some might be insecure that their girl friend or boy friend might leave them for someone who is doing better than them. Different things work for different people and you should find what works out for you.

• You must have wondered that what is special in the people who leave their mark on the world. The great scientist Einstein failed in tenth class but he made most of the inventions because of which you are living a comfortable life.

• All these people don’t have anything special in them it’s just that they dreamt of the life they are leading now. They had the guts to imagine such a lavishing life.

• Explore yourself and know yourself what are you capable of. It’s not necessary that everyone is good at studies you might be a beautiful dancer, a great singer, an artist or a sportsperson. You should take a deep insight and find out that what one talent within you sets you apart from others. You can be a painter, photographer, radio jockey, anchor or Disc jockey.

• Dare to dream and work on the talents you have. If you don’t dream how will you work towards achieving your goals?

• Set goals in your life, work on them and achieve them. you can start from the simplest things like you want to score good in any particular test. You should focus yourself towards cracking that test and hit the target. Many scholars have rightly said that the key to the success is “believe in you”.

• Have faith on yourself that you can achieve anything in your life. You should first love yourself then only others will love you and you will be able to love others. If you harm yourself then how can you expect someone else to love you?

• Believe that you are the best and your confidence should not be diminished by the opinions of others because no one wants you to be more successful than him or her except your parents. People will try to demoralize you and distract you from your goals and if you love yourself you would not let anyone exploit you.

• You can face all odds and reach on the top if you have dedication and you are focused on your goals. You should not be tempted by distractions like Television, internet, cell phones and friends. You are not required to stop enjoying your life but you should use these gadgets and not let these gadgets use you.

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