methi seeds fenugreek for hair growth and scalp treatment cure

We discussed earlier about the beauty tips  using methi leaves for dandruff and pimples. Now we are going to give you the excellent tip on methi seeds regarding hair growth. This tip can be easily followed by anyone, of any age. Many of the students and employees those who were living outside also can also follow this advice very easily. Beacause this tip only require easily available methi seeds.

If you have a glass of water and spoonful of methi seeds,the thicker hair will be yours. But it is important to follow regularly for better results.

How Methi Seeds (Fenugreek) help in Hair growth?

Benefits of Methi Seeds (Fenugreek)

Methi seeds can be used to cure many problems. These methi seeds has different uses for  different organs of our body .

1. Many of us feel it as a tough thing of keeping the methi paste to hair or skin. So we dont follow the tip and leave it aside.
2. But if you drink the water in which the  methi seeds were soaked for overnight.This water will be useful for:


A glass of methi  seeds water gives these many advantages to our entire body.So the intake of these water that was soaked overnight with methi seeds is very important.If you feel it as a tough thing of taking a glass of water daily.Drink this water alternative days  in a week.
methi seeds fenugreek for hair growth and scalp treatment

How to Prepare Methi Seed Remedy

Now let us see the preparation of the water that I  have described above.For the preparation of this water we need:

Methi Seeds  :  1 Spoon
Water            :  Half Glass(Approx 300 ml)

Method of Preparation:

1.First  boil the half glass of water,That sholud be warm.After that take a spoonful of methi seeds and soak these methi seeds in that boiled water at night time.
2.After the seeds getting saoked overnight.In the early morning filter the seeds from that water and drink the water with empty stomach.
3.This should be done daily .If you are unable to do this daily,do this in alternate weeks.

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