Home Remedies for Ear Pain

Primary otalgia is ear pain that originates inside the ear.

Referred otalgia is ear pain that originates from outside the ear. Otalgia is not always associated with ear disease.

It may be caused by several other conditions, such as impacted teeth, sinus disease, inflamed tonsils, infections in the nose and pharynx, throat cancer, and occasionally as a sensory aura that precedes a migraine.

Ear pain can be caused by disease in the external, middle, or inner ear, but the three are indistinguishable in terms of the pain experienced.

External ear pain may be:

  • Mechanical: trauma, foreign bodies such as hairs, insects or cotton buds.
  • Infective (otitis externa): Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Candida, herpes zoster, or viral Myringitis.

Middle ear pain may be:

  • Mechanical: barotrauma (often iatrogenic), Eustachian tube obstruction leading to acute otitis media.
  • Inflammatory / infective: acute otitis media, mastoiditis.

Dental disease may cause pain in the region of the ear. E.g. dental caries causing pulpitis and/or periapical periodontitis in a tooth can be referred via the auriculotemporal nerve, the tympanic nerve or via the auricular nerve. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, impacted third molar teeth, and lesions of the floor of mouth or ventral surface of the tongue (underside of the tongue) are other possible causes of dental conditions which can cause ear pain.

Ear pain and home remedies

Causes of earaches

· infection of the middle ear

· colds

· allergies

· sinus infections

· buildup of ear wax or fluid

· something stuck in the ear

· teeth problems

· ear injuries

Before you go to hospital

  1. If you have pain while you are lying down, sit down with head held up straight
  2. Chewing some thing like Chewing gum, will help to open up the clogged Eustachian tube and thus reduce the pain
  3. Avoid cold food and water
  4. Take care to avoid wetting the ear. Close the ears with cotton swabs, while bathing.
  5. Pouring Ayurvedic medicine, ‘Balathailam’ , will reduce the pain
  6. Apply warm nutmeg oil in the area surrounding the ear

Home Remedies for Earache

Home remedies for ear pain

Chamomile is a great solution for many health problems and also for ear infection. To prepare the home remedy you will need to get chamomile flowers. Once you got the flowers, boil them in water, and then strain the water into a cup, without the flower. Let it cool a little, and then put the chamomile lukewarm water on a cloth and apply close to your ear while still a little warm. This remedy will calm the pain and will help you to relax.

Dice 1 fresh onion into small pieces. Put the onion pieces in a cloth, fold the cloth and put on your ear for a few minutes. This will help to calm the pain for a while but you should consult your doctor regarding the cause of the ear pain and take care of the problem that caused the pain.

An old remedy for earache is to mix olive oil and lavender oil, mix well and pour some of it on a cotton wool. Put the cotton wool on your ear and you will feel the difference in a few minutes.

Another remedy with olive oil is made by heating some olive oil in a pot, heat it just a little bit, and don’t let it boil. After 1-2 minutes, when the olive oil is a little warm, dip a cotton wool in the heated olive oil and squeeze well. Put the cotton wool on your ear for a few minutes.

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