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As this is the winter season and weather keeps fluctuating common cold and fever are the generic ailments what most of us suffer from.

The common cold or head cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose. Signs and symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and feverwhich usually resolve in seven to ten days, with some symptoms lasting up to three weeks.

Over 200 virus strains are implicated in the cause of the common cold; the rhinoviruses are the most common.

Upper respiratory tract infections are loosely divided by the areas they affect, with the common cold primarily affecting the nose, the throat (pharyngitis), and the sinuses (sinusitis), occasionally involving either or both eyes via conjunctivitis. Symptoms are mostly due to the body’simmune response to the infection rather than to tissue destruction by the viruses themselves. The primary method of prevention is by hand washingwith some evidence to support the effectiveness of wearing face masks. The common cold may occasionally lead to pneumonia, either viral pneumonia or secondary bacterial pneumonia.

No cure for the common cold exists, but ayurvedic (home remedies) have helped to control the impact to the bearable level. The symptoms can also be treated. It is the most frequent infectious disease in humans with the average adult getting two to three colds a year and the average child getting between six and twelve. These infections have been with humanity since ancient times.

Causes and home remedies for common cold

Causes for cold cough are

-Change or fluctuation in weather conditions which in turn results or favours growth of various varities of virusus.
-Viral infections of throat
-exposure to too cold climate
-sudden exposure to cold then entering a well heated rooms or so
-Change or drinking water which is supposed to be most comman cause
-excessive consuption of frosen or chilled food articles
-exposure to dust and pollans
-working late nights
-exessive exposure with people who are already infected with cold
-here the problems are more because of poor ventilation and extreemes of climate
-staying in an room were there is poor air circulation ,or in a room with heaters or Air conditioner on for whole day
So thus the list goes on.

Home remedies for common cold

1. Daily intake of rejuvenating tonics which also enhances the immunity of the body and strengthens it from the core like chyavan prash leham, khushmanda Leham, Ashvagandha avaleham, swamala compound etc depending on the body constituents can help to inbuilt the immunity within our body and prevent us from most of the diseases.

2. Practising breathing exercises like pranayama sudarshana kriya etc will make our respiratory system strong and prevent us from getting any respiratory illness.

3. There are certain yoga poses which also gives desired effect.

yoga poses for chest

4. One who suffer from cold and cough very often there is a simple procedure for this.  Early morning just immediately after getting up from bed, gargle your mouth and give a quick rinse and the drink about 1. 5-2 litres of water till you feel totally full,then kindle your throat with a finger ,just by tickling with your clean hands and vomit out the entire water till you feel the sourness in your mouth. This will help to expel out the sputum and other debris. This also helps in acidity problems also.

yoga inhale exhale for common cold cough

5. When you have cough and there is severe congestion and feel difficult to breath ,take a hot vapour of water with ecalyptus oil ,or any vapouriser added to boiling water and take a steam for about 100 counts. This will dilate the bronchus and the blocks in the nose. Helps in nasal congestion too.

6. Simple vapour with only water daily is helpful in sinusitis also. This must be done regularly before going to be. This also relieves head ache and helps to relax. Its even good for skin. It cleanses the pores and removes the debris form the skin pores. Hence helps the skin to breath. Helps in achne problems too.

7. Water with hand full of rock salt should be used to take vapours in severe cough or mild could and heavyness in the head.

8. A concentrated form out of peppercorns with cumin and jaggery also helps to expel out all the sputum and gives a pleasant feeling when there is productive cough and thick cough coming out.

9. Juice of beetle leaf must be extracted about 2 tsp to it add 1 tsp of honey mix well and give daily twice after 30 mins after food in case of cough. Helps a lot and should be done for at least 4-5 days.

10. Finely minced ginger mixed with little honey is really a good remedy in case of severe night times cough.

11. A quarter of fresh onion chewed with a piece of jaggery kept in middle helps to relieve the chest congestion and helps in removing the sputum easily. Thus is a good cure for cough.

12. Cane sugar itself is a good medicine for dry cough which troubles a lot during night times.

Cane sugar - yoga inhale exhale for common cold cough

13. Just keeping a clove in your tongue also helps in dry cough.

14. Tulsi leaves about 6-8 leaves also helps in cough and cold.

15. Dhooma paan that is the smoke of turmeric has an antiseptic action in case of cold and cough. Burn a dried root of turmeric and inhale the smoke for about 5-6 times. This relieves the congestion. It can also be done in another way. Take a small mud vessel and place a cup of water below. Then add red hot charcoal to the clay or mud vessel and add little dried leaves to it. Then heap up a spoon full of turmeric cover it and give a gentle blow so that it catches fire then inhale it. This will act as a good antiseptic to your lungs and respiratory tract.

16. Dhouthi and nethi are the 2 procedures of yoga which are very beneficial.

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