A healthy cleanse several times a year is an important part of your overall body health. There   are a lot of different cleansing options out there, but home cleansing may be the best. If you   do it right, it ‘s a very healthy and economical choice for cleansing. Fortunately, it ‘s easy   to learn how to do a good home cleanse to get the best results. Here are the top 3 steps you   need to take to get the most out of your cleanse.

1. Make sure you ??re eating the right diet.
Specifically this means getting meat, dairy and wheat products out of your diet during the   cleansing period. You ‘ll also need to eliminate fried foods, high sugar foods, junk food and   processed foods. That means you’ll be eating a diet of mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. The   alternative to changing your diet while on a homemade colon cleanse is to go on a water or   juice fast. This is difficult for most people, though, so if you go this route, make sure you   have supervision from your doctor.

2. Use a safe, gentle colon cleanser.
Use natural ingredients in your colon cleanser, such as flax seeds, lemon juice, apple juice,   and cayenne pepper. You ‘ll want to use your cleanser one to two times a day during the   cleanse. Another option is to use a pre-made herbal cleanser, such as EverCleanse. Using a   pre-made cleanser is often easier than making your own, as everything is already mixed up for   you in the proper measurements, and you don ‘t have to go out and buy a lot of ingredients.   Pre-made cleansers with pro-biotics offer an especially healthy cleanse.

3. Give it time to work
Cleansing is a gradual process. You need to stick with the program and be patient. It usually   takes about a week to start seeing results. It ‘s almost certain that you ‘ll see results within   10 days if you ??re doing things correctly (99% of people see results within 10 days). If you   haven ‘t noticed a difference by then, you may need to re-evaluate your healthy cleanse program   and start again.

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