Health Is Wealth, If Health Is Lost Everything is lost has been heard from years n years but do we really know the reality of these lines, yes everybody knows but still we give a second thought to this unless n until something serious happens and we sit back n think what all blunders we were doing with our bodies.

Health can be divided into two parts:


A. physical health

B. mental health

Physical as well as mental health both play a very important role in our life as we say A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body.


It is a healthy mind which influences a mans motivation, attitude and behaviour through out his life. To maintain mental health it is very important to have a positive attitude . If suppose you are facing some problems in life you should not take them to your heart and start feeling depressed or have sleepless nights but should take all the things lightly and have faith that after every night there is a bright morning same is with you instead of grumbling over them should think how to tackle them or to get rid of them as it is a temporary phase of life, often it happens that after sometime problems vanish leaving behind problems like anxiety, depression or hypertension.

Now we will talk about physical health , we should be very grateful to scientific results and medical pracitice which has resulted in longer life span , greater health and vitality. To maintain physical health we should:

Maintain proper weight through regular exercise, balanced diet and adequate rest.

Should maintain personal hygeine.

we should learn and make in use home health skills.

to practice preventative measures to preserve good health.

Many health problems result from not following the points described above, so to prevent or solve these problems we should first realize what our personal health problems are once we learned this we can develop schedules which help us to maintain good health.












  1. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    I’m planning on getting health insurance for myself. Can you use your insurance card as soon you get it? I want to use it for a health check up, dental, etc…

  2. floydian8717 says:

    I’m very confused as to finding health insurance since I’ll be self employed soon. Can anyone suggest a health carrier that is easy to get insured and are reliable? Thank you.
    I’m really not interested in going online, as have been warned. And I have been online and don’t need a million calls wanting my business. Thanks, but no thanks. I am interested in details and sure information. Like seeing an agent.

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