I would like this blog to be of dual purpose… I am here to entice you to join me with a network marketing company that I am representing, a very noteworthy company because of its straight forward approach to earning money. There are no gimmicks, no mirrors, no fees, no investment and no risk. I’ve already stated this in my last blog. Now I would like to tell you more before I lead you to my web page. The other thing on my mind is healthy heart awareness. In a way, a completely different category, but the two are linked because of certain health products that this company manufactures here in the US.

My name is David Verge, as stated in the other blog; I have lived throughout the world, especially in Europe. My lust for life is up there with all the rest of you who have dreamt of adventure, different cultures, different foods and different thoughts. It’s how we learn, and if anything else, we should start learning better. As the good man says: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness”. I have made my way through life through my craft-cabinetry, carpentry and contracting. The reason I’m writing all this is because life was and is good, but I ignored certain signs that I want to open your eyes to. And that is a healthy heart, I suffered a major heart attack which ended up with congestive heart failure. I want you to realize the excesses of today’s world, especially attacking the American public to unhealthy habits more than any other nation in the world.

My case started with chest pains or more exact, heart pains. I immediately went to see several doctors, who mistakenly, misdiagnosed the problem. They sent me home with Nexium and assured me that the ‘acid reflux’ problem would go away in a few days. Before those few days were up, I drove myself to the emergency room where it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack. Next thing I knew I was rushed into the operating room, unfortunately too late. The damage was done and within the following hours I suffered cardiac arrest. Quite a few volts later I awoke.

To say the least, life is not the same. Every day is a struggle, but also a joy. If there’s a reason that I was given a second chance, it is unbeknownst to me. But enough of the horrid details, I am here to enforce the fact that, yes it can happen to you also. It has taken me a long time, no help from the doctors, to learn on my own what my condition is and how to improve it. And for you heart patients and heart techies out there, my ejection fraction is 26%. Before I move on I would like to inform anyone with any interest in learning more to visitmy web site where you will find links. At the end of this article I will reference a few great books on the subject and my site has quite a few very informative and educational links. Sorry to subject you to the details, but I just had to get it off my chest (pun intended). Now onto the serious stuff-Making Money.

Because of my condition and also the condition of millions of Americans, I still want to touch on the heart issue before beginning on the road to wealth. Our obese nation, has sacrificed health for instant gratification of taste, enforced by the media and every other salesman out there. Our country has sacrificed healthy products to produce the most effective way to make money. Kobe beef, the delicacy of meat is the most expensive meat out there; it is called white beef because of its fat content. And that’s where we have our problem, our domesticated animals are fattened up with grain, shot with hormones to enhance growth and who knows what else, we’ve all heard of mad cow disease and we all know how it got there. It’s time we educate ourselves.

Did you know that duck is less fattening than chicken and that buffalo is leaner than the two of them. That is because buffalo is still roaming free, eating grass, a natural occurrence without human intervention. If you let a cow become free range the fat is reduced and what fat there is, it is not half as dangerous for you than the processed kind.

I understand that we are a big nation with a lot of people to feed, so we make short cuts, these shortcuts are hurting us as a healthy nation. 100 years ago, all cattle were free range, how times have changed. And it’s time I move on and stop talking about nutrition; one last note is that anyone who wants to talk nutrition can contact me directly at David.verge@gmail.com, since my diet is so restrictive because of my heart failure, I have become quite the expert. Just to inform you though, I am human and I am American, and I’m no saint; how could I possibly pass up ribs in the summer, mind you, just a few. Of course with a cold beer. But that is a luxury I can seldom partake in.

Now all of this information does have a purpose in the overall scheme of things with making money in the distribution field of Neways products. Neways products are synonymous with health, and I take them not just for my cardio problems but for digestion, circulation, cell rejuvenation and on and on, and as an educated consumer, I know there are certain supplements which are necessary to take in our world. Now a world filled with processed foods; filling, but unnutritional. Omega 3, cardio health and joint health, critical fatty acids, products to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, circulatory health, liver health, body cleansing products, anti-oxidants, anti-aging and CoQ10, these are just a few of the products offered with Neways. All products can be reviewed in detail at http://www.neways.com/, or write me and I can send you a catalog.

When I talk about no investment and no risk, you must understand the Neways concept. We, you and I, are out here to make money and we can do it with a good conscience by becoming part of the Neways networking teams. The big money is in distribution, not direct sales, unless you want to or own a health food store. The optimal way to earn with Neways is to join in the Direct Ship Plan, where you purchase $150 worth of goods monthly. You are spending, but it is for your personal consumption. It is your health plan to wealth. It is where I hand in my vitamin shoppe card and just buy directly from Neways at wholesale prices and make money in doing so. There is no investment because you are transferring your buying habits from other stores and buying from Neways. The concept is easy enough.

And there are no fees, no mirrors, no gimmicks, and no scheme. It is an honest way to make considerable money full time or part time. The time involved is up to you. And I’d like to continue with the health to wealth aspect, which I like to call easy as 1,2,3 wealth. That’s it, you find 3 associates, friends, family, co- workers and the likes to try these products and explain the wealth benefits open to them by becoming part of the Neways family. In a perfect world where everyone does their homework, you could be earning considerable income within just 5 months. Please visit my website to see the chart explaining the explosion of wealth. http://www.newayswealth.com

I’m not here to pressure you into anything, you must educate yourself. I have given you the websites and if you don’t feel comfortable joining the team, take the time to explore the idea with friends and family, get feedback and to feel secure, get your first 3 recruits before even joining, then you have no pressure whatsoever. I hate to say it, but either you get the concept and the beauty of it, or past experiences and over-hype by other networking companies has numbed your senses into disbelieving. That is something you will have to come to terms with, because faith and trust is the backbone of any real adventure. Whether financial or whimsical. You put your trust in me and I also put my trust in others, it is this ability to trust that bonds humans together. This is what makes the machine work, this is why Neways works, there is no fast sale, no hidden sale, everything is in the open and that is the way it should be. Check it out, like I said, either you get it or you don’t. And if you do get it, it all becomes very easy. So now that I have managed to get your undivided attention to at least check it all out, let’s get back to my primary mission.

That is to teach you to respect your body, to eat healthy and, in return, you will be grateful to the forces that make you change unhealthy habits. This does not have to be Neways, but that is one choice. Just listen to your body, it will tell you a lot. And, for goodness sake, you don’t want to be in my position, so make your future, in health and in wealth.

For all you fellow heart patients or heart techies, I have a St. Jude dual chamber defibrillator/pacemaker: this makes my third in 3 years, again a comedy of errors on the part of our great medical professionals. What the hell, if I complained about my pain that I put up with, I’d be miserable. So I just look to the stars and ask, “why me?” and smile. And yes, the defibrillator has zapped me, but that’s another story for another day


Below are the books I recommend for anyone with heart failure to read.

Success with heart failure

Marc A, Silver, Md. 2002, Di Capo Press


Take a load off your heart

J.C. Piiscatella & B.A. Franklin, Ph.D 2003,Workman Publishing


Dr. Dean Ornish’s program for Reversing heart disease

Dean Ornish, MD 1990, Ballantine Books


Heart disease for dummies

James A. Rippe, MD 2004, Wiley Publishing


Thriving with heart disease

Wayne Sotile 2004


The Mayo Clinic cookbook

May we all eat well

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