Here are some health tips you might find useful. I myself have survived a serious health problem and not just survived it but emerged from it at the age if 58 in the best health I have ever enjoyed.

Here are some of the very simple things I regard as key to that success:

Lots of walking/running/cycling. Bodies like to be worked so work yours. Just bear in mind a gradient approach and don’t over-tax it.

Human beings are tough creatures so I’m not over-keen to play the “stress” card. A busy, active, responsible life with a few thrills and spills is recommended. But get sufficient rest and sleep and give yourself some down time. Take a walk and get yourself some space. As well as ensuring you get sufficient rest, get sufficient WHOLESOME food food and liquids. These common-sense measures can go a long way to preventing high cholesterol and blood pressure weight gain, insomnia, headaches, acne, and even hair loss. The body will work fine until its is impeded from so doing: so much of what ails us comes about because, quite simply, we poison or damage ourselves

This maybe easier said than done but the health benefits if you can pull it off are tremendous. Believe me, I’ve been there! And if I can kick these habits so, my friend, can you!

These are poisons. The pharmaceutical industry works hard to convince us to drug ourselves on every pretext – and the drugs touted are very often catastrophic to health. In a great many instances good nutrition is a better solution or indeed prevention and as a technology nutrition has left the pharmaceutical approach back in the stone age.

Drug companies however cannot make money out of getting us to eat properly or take vitamins. Indeed they cannot make money out of our being well.

I recommend two things: a standard blood test by which you can monitor cholesterol levels and so forth and periodic visits to a kinesiologist.

Kinesiology is a highly advanced piece of technology and in the hands of an expert practitioner it is a wonderful and very accurate diagnostic tool.

With it one can establish whether any organs are not working properly and not only establish the specific herbal/nutritional remedy that will resolve the matter but the amounts of that remedy one needs to take. My kinesiologist has been able to detect and resolve issues early before they became life-threatening that mainstream medicine never would have been able to detect.

I have been greatly impressed and helped by Kinesiology and highly recommend it.

They are calling it a super food and a “nutrient power house.” In my view this natural, organic whole food deserves such accolades. It nourishes at a deep cellular level. Since I have been using it I have enjoyed a remarkable resurgence of my vitality and overall wellness. Throughout my body everything simply started working properly.

I have been so impressed by this fantastic product that I am about to publish a free book that will tell you all about it:: what it is, what it does and why its results are so miraculous. I am giving it away to anyone who wants a copy. Including YOU, dear reader.

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  1. I admit, I’m slightly impatient. lol. I want to grow out my hair, but it’s an kind of an awkward stage and I wanted to know any tips to make it grow faster. Thanks!

  2. tips to stop it from breaking too?
    and whats the best type of brush to have to avoid breakage?

  3. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    My boyfriend has been extremely stressed with his job for the past few months, he owns his own motor vehicle accident rehab clinic and the stress seems to be just too much for him right now.. This is only his second year owning the business so he is fairly new to the game and needless to say it has been extremely hectic with issues from clients, to insurance companies, to adjusters, to paperwork, to workers, to financial issues. I’ve noticed that he has been keeping to himself because of this lately and is not as optimistic as he used to be. I had a small talk with him this week and he told me that he is burnt out and has basically shut down and doesn’t feel like doing anything anymore- i think he is depressed. All he does lately is work a 10-12 hour day and come home and sleep.. he does this 6 or 7 days a week. Not sure if this has any significance but he is only 26 so i think a part of him also questions whether he is ready for such a commitment. I am just interested to see if anyone has any tips on how to help him get through this rut as i can see that it’s taking a definite toll on his physical and mental health and it bothers me to see him like this because i care about him. We haven’t seen eachother in a while because he has been so burnt out from the long days and long weeks that he just prefers to go home and sleep, which i totally understand. I guess i just wonder if anyone (man or woman) has been in this or a similar situation before and what you did to cope with it. Has anyone ever felt this way after owning a business or just working a very demanding job? Have any women out there had a partner who was dealing with this type of issue? I just want to know how i can support him because i know there’s not much i can do so it makes me feel kind of useless when it comes to this matter. I’ve tried to talk to him and tell him to make time for himself but it just seems that he has no time to make time.. there’s just too much going on and it’s a big priority right now so he says he has no choice but to deal with it but dealing with it is making him burn out.. I don’t want to see him depressed and stressed all the time, personally i don’t think it’s worth it and think it will eventually get worse for him but maybe i’m wrong? i know they say the first 5 years of owning a business are the worst, so maybe things will get better once he makes it through the next few years?

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks in advance for your time