Losing weight is not all about getting a perfect figure. Nowadays, it also means becoming healthy to prevent diseases caused by obesity and an unbalanced diet. Gold Coast Cure, developed by Dr. Andy and Ivy Larson, is a total-body health program that is recommended for people who want to lose weight the right and healthy way.

Gold Coast Cure focuses on three key components that will help you lose weight and gain health. These three components are diet, supplements, and exercise. During the five-week diet plan of Gold Coast Cure, you are encouraged to eat more the good carbs and avoid the bad carbs such as white bread, French fries, and pasta. Whole grains, fiber and antioxidant-rich foods, and fresh produce are among the many good carbs that you can eat. The concept is the same as other low-glycemic index diet plans: replace the bad carbs with good ones. The result is also the same: lose weight because good carbs are easier to burn and blood sugar level will be balanced.

Regular exercise for about half an hour a day for three times a week is recommended if youâ??re following the Gold Coast Cure total-body health program. The most effective exercise that will give positive results to your weight loss program is circuit training. Circuit training combines high-intensity aerobics which makes you burn fats faster and resistance training which develops and tones your muscles.

Gold Coast Cure Total-Body Health Program also encourages you to include supplements in your daily diet. You need to visit your doctor to get a plan or recommendation as to what supplement is safe and right for you. Try looking for supplements that provide you with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Following the Gold Coast Cure Total-Body Health Program will definitely make you feel healthier than before. It can even reverse the years of damage on you body as a result of poor diet and lack of exercise. Gold Coast Cure Total-Body Health Program will reduce your risk of having illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and obesity.


  1. I am starting a weight loss competition between friends and need to know the best way to decide the winner since all of us have a different amount of weight we wish to lose.

  2. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    I need a weight vest so i can jump higher or even ankle weights that DONT FALL OFF? coz i have had ankle weights and the beeds keep falling out. and ive tried rebel sport and they dont sell any. Thanks for your help.

  3. wwwavid360gamercom says:

    Hi, my dad can’t really cook that much and it’s hard to eat healthy when you really on the microwave. So what are some healthy microwavable foods that he can buy? I know one of you guys on here is going to suggest healthychoice which is good but how expensive is it? because if it is really expensive I would most likely have to buy it myself.

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    The Indians I came across were not kind at first. They said they would not trade, nor accept gold from them. Soon, we couldn’t handle each other any longer. So we had a war. The Spanish won by far, we had better weapons, armor, and we had horses. The Natives showered us in gifts for our success.
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  6. WHO ISTHE MOST POPULAR Alternative therapist/healer who deals with this type of cancer curing.
    does anyone know please reply.

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