Bone health in women is a pressing issue because women’s bones are by nature less dense than those of men. Moreover, certain nutrients may be deprived from a woman due to menstruation and physical ailments. This is why a woman must be careful as to the food she is consuming and her general state of health to make sure that her body is not deprived of vital nutrients critical to good bone health. In a woman’s advanced age, signs of poor bone health are beginning to manifest in bad posture and other conditions that suggest neglect for proper bone health.

Proper Nutrition and Good Bone Health in Women

For better bone health for women, the topmost factor to be considered should be the nutrition. This is why every woman’s diet must include doses of calcium, iron, and potassium because these three elements are critical in order for a woman to have good bone health. Without them, the bone density may be severely reduced, making them weaker in structure and rendering them prone to fracture. These nutrients are obtainable from vegetables, fruits, and fishes, although they are also available from food supplements and vitamin tablets. However, doctors recommend that one eat the natural variety in order to extract the highest amount of the needed nutrient.  

Vitamin D and Exercise for Good Bone Health  

Another factor which affects bone health in women is Vitamin D. Vitamin D in itself is available through fresh sunshine very morning. Moreover, it is just one of the key elements important to good bone health that is easily obtainable from nature. On the other hand, health experts agree that sunshine and regular exercise are a good combination to ensure proper bone health. Brisk walking early in the morning or a short jog around the park or biking after dinner are just some of the physical exercises doctors recommend to women in order to promote good bone health.   On the other hand, most bone health-related problems in women occur after their menopausal period. In these times, it is even more critical that a woman exercise to keep her bones in good health. Suggested exercises include lifting small weights such as dumbbells as well as jumping exercises.    

Another factor that can affect bone health is posture. It is noticed that most females, especially in their young age, do not pay attention to proper posture, blithely dismissing it, not knowing the consequences later could be severe. For example, it is common for females to sit with their back arched far forward. This is a flawed position that affects bone development.

Avoiding Complications Arising from Poor Bone Health  

In order to have healthy bones, the different factors enumerated above should be given ample attention or else the consequences could be drastic. This is because damage to the bones may bring serious complications. For example, a simple fracture in the bone due to weak structure may bring internal infections and other ailments that could compound the situation further.

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