If you can’t tell whether a guy or a girl is attracted to you or not, you’re missing out on quite a lot. But before you try those pick-up or dating tricks, have you ever thought of checking out a person’s flirting body language?

Body language often speaks louder than words. Flirting body language, on the other hand, gives you the cue to make the next move. This article will help you identify which moves mean what, and what you should do about it.

Flirting Body Language # 1: The Hair Flip

Women who flirt almost always do the hair flip. Why? Because it’s a way of showing off how beautiful and healthy their hair is.

Men can’t get enough of the hair flip. Experts believe that men are drawn to women who show characteristics of being in good health. It’s a mating and procreation theory widely believed.

Others believe that the hair flip highlights a woman’s femininity and grace—another major attraction factor.

Flirting Body Language # 2: Intense Eye Contact

When someone looks at you, looks away for a moment, and then catches your eye again with a smile, you’d better believe that that person is flirting with you.

Eye contact is the number one flirting body language choice for any gender, age and race. It’s safe (reduces the risk of self-embarrassment) and you get an immediate response.

If you like that person, flirt and smile back. If you don’t, then don’t give that person any more attention.

Flirting Body Language # 3: Light Touches

You can try touching the person you like accidentally, by reaching out for a glass and brushing your fingers against his or hers.

Don’t make the mistake of touching too much or touching inappropriate places. Stick to the arms or the hands. You can easily gauge the reaction as you “apologize” for the accident.

Being aware of flirting body language signs helps you determine the right move to make. When you want to attract a potential love interest, these subtle hints can come quite in handy, too!

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