Almost all of people world wide know water. According of health research proved that water has functions for health and beauty. Water has function to dissolve mono saccharides, amino acid, fat, vitamin and mineral in our body.
Water also has catalyst function that can take quickest biology reaction, include metabolism out from kidney, lung and skin.
Water also has function to stabilize body temperature, hot distribution so that body temperature keeps around 37degree. Because of water important role for our body, Prof. S. Periasamy DIM and D.ACC Bahiraj Vedante, from Maharish Charity Kantha Health research takes research about water therapeutic. According to him, water therapy is pure and can implement two ways, through internal and external therapy. We can drink water beside effect to our body health and beauty. We describe few advantages water therapy below.

1.We can keep health through drinking enough water with right method, especially for health complaint in headache, eye illness, obesity, high blood pressure. Drinking water with right method can stabilize poison in our body. Water therapy can keep liquid in our body so that our blood avoid from viscosity.

2.Sun and pollution always make our skin dry and damage. Drinking water will make your skin elasticity, clean and moist so that avoid from drying and wrinkle.

3.Water therapy can balance your weight, especially people have obesity problem. Drink water before eating can help to decrease amount of food that we consume. Water can improve metabolism so that you can avoid to eat so much.
We must drink water between 2 until 2,5 liter a day, this amount include from vegetables, fruits, food that we consume, such as milk, coffee, soup
We must drink water every day in order to stabilize liquid that spends from our body such as urine, breath, sweat and digestion.

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  1. I have begun water therapy by swimming at the Y. They seem to use a lot of chlorine. Does chlorine have long term health affects?

    I always shower afterwards, but my eyes will still sting all night.

    Someone on another post said that excess showering in chlorinated tap water causes hardening of the arteries…. if that is true, then imagine what chlorine pools might do?!

    I have arthritis & fibromyalgia so water exercise is the best for me since it’s non weight bearing.