Weight loss is the latest mantra. Actually it does not make one wonder. The western countries are reeling heavily under the pressure of obesity. It ‘s as if a giant junk machine is piling pressure on us continuously. We live very hectic lives. This does not give us enough opportunity to take meals at time. The ideal meal plan tends towards leaner meals at a higher frequency. This means that our large glutton meals at fairly large interval are just what the body does not need. It is difficult for the body to process such food. People try various diet pills as a panacea. Unfortunately, there is no such miracle pill to date. Weight is gained over a life time of over indulgence, its only natural that it takes sometime to lose weight. The psychological trauma of being overweight is such that people take resort in crash diets. There is the Atkins diet, Hollywood diet, burst diets like belly shock method and much more. These are the very unsafe methods of losing weight and only causes serious relapse apart from fatigue, metabolic reverses, immunity loss and strong seizures. It ‘s not only about weight loss. It ‘s also about losing it in away that brings no poor side effect or withdrawal symptoms. Let us discuss few such methods within the ambit of these articles. Using a lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables- This is a time tested method. First, it is such wholesome food that it does not leave any space for junk craving. This means that the appetite is completely suppressed. Second, it has such balanced diet that the body is lured to believe that there is a party out there. It asks the metabolism to shed fat as it feels that no storage is required. Hence weight is lost in a very safe way. This is a fitness mantra that keeps the health factor alive. Diet structures- One should also follow those diet structures that can be easily processed by the body. Each body is different in this regard so a perfect assessment and evaluation by a doctor is necessary. STF diet creator is doing well to help prepare such diet charts. Exercise and cardio- One can also look for certain exercises that can help with losing weight without any possible harm. These can be low intensity exercise such as brisk walking and cycling or moderate intensity exercises like cardio. While brisk walking, the idea is to walk with shortened strides. These help in a rhythmic motion of the body that peps up the heart rate and induces metabolism into losing weight. Cardio works on the principle of increasing heart rate to shed calories and lose weight. There are quite a few cardio which can be safely tried; Hindu squats and treadmill exercises are just two of these. Losing weight is important but equally important is contesting the battle for fitness. Those weight loss exercises which risk longevity should not be tried at any rate. It also includes starving one self to death for the sake of cutting out some flab from the belly.

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