Facial Hair Waxing 5 Tips To Make It Easy

While many women may think they’re alone when it comes to having unwanted facial hair, there are actually millions of women who suffer with this problem. Many women will resort to shaving their faces to remove this unsightly hair, the problem with that solution is that it’s very short term so they have to do it frequently and that leads to skin irritation and rashes. A better alternative is facial hair waxing, and here’s why.

Waxing will remove not just the hair above the skin as shaving does, but it will also remove the roots of the hair. So instead of having to shave again in a few hours when the hair has already grown enough to be visible, it will take up to two months for the hair to grow enough to be seen above the skin.

To get the full benefit of waxing, follow these tips:

1. Let the hair on your face grow out a little bit if you’ve been shaving regularly. You will need enough hair for the wax to ‘grab’ onto in order for waxing to be as effective as possible.

2. Make sure to keep your skin clean and exfoliated so when it comes time to wax, your skin won’t get as irritated and you can help prevent ingrown hairs this way.

3. Choose the right kind of wax for you. Not only can you use hot wax you can also use cold wax. There are also many variations in the ingredients that can be used for the wax.

Do some experimenting to find the right product for you and your skin type. Whenever you try a new type of wax make sure to do a ‘spot test’. Take a small amount of the wax and apply it to your skin to see if you have any type of negative response.

This is the time to find out if there is a problem with one type of wax, you don’t want to discover you’re allergic to it after you’ve applied it on a large area of your skin.

4. Apply the wax and the cloth over the desired area. When pulling off the cloth make sure to pull it against the grain, the opposite direction of which way the hair grows. By doing so, you will increase the amount of hair that gets removed. When dealing with facial hair, which often grows in several directions, it may be necessary to reapply the wax a few times to get all the hair.

5. Apply a calming lotion immediately after waxing to help reduce the swelling and alleviate the redness as soon as possible.

When it comes to removing unwanted facial hair, facial hair waxing is one of the better options since it’s inexpensive and the results tend to last a long time. If you choose, you can even go to your local salon and have it done there. Just take some time to experiment with different types of wax and also in perfecting your ‘technique’. Knowing what works best for you will take some time to determine.

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