A balanced diet and regular exercise are healthy lifestyles which can bring on strong body, as well as fine vision. In opposite, smoking and excessive drinking are regarded as the killer of body health, and it is the same to the eye health. People who smoke or drink a lot always have poor vision when getting old.

However, there are some conditions which you can not avoid by careful eye care and healthy lifestyle. They are born naturally. You can only do some eye care to maintain your vision, preventing it not to become worse. Hyperopia is one kind of this problem, which is caused by weak eye muscles, flat cornea or short eyes. People with this problem do not have round eyes and are difficult in focusing on the near objects. The other problem is myopia, which is in contrast to hyperopia. This problem is caused by weak eye muscles, or long eyes. People with this problem have too round eyes and are difficult in focusing on the far objects.

Yet most of the eye conditions are not genetic. You can do a lot of things to maintain good eyesight by a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, the unsuitable weather, such as too windy or too dry, causes the eye not to create enough tears or the tears to evaporate too quickly. That is the so-called dry eye. You can not change your surrounding environment, but you can use the eye drops to lubricate eyes. Secondly, the great pressure to eyes will have an influence on the optic nerve located at the back of eyes, making you brain painful. That is glaucoma. You can have a rest if you feel strained to make your muscles relaxing. Next, the aging problem will lead to presbyopia, which is different to hyperopia, though both symptoms are unable to focus on the close up objects, presbyopia is not genetic. This problem is mostly noticed at the age of 40 to 50. You can take good care of your eyes to postpone the problems by regular exercise or balanced diet.

Most of people are born with excellent eyesight. The hectic and busy life or the bad diet habits deteriorate the eye condition. If you do cherish your eyesight, you must live a balanced and healthy life, and at the same time follow the dos and don’ts on eye protection following your optometrist’s suggestion.

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