Both men and women are always looking to better their appearance. And one way that they do this is to remove unsightly hair. Waxing, creams, and plucking are only temporary solutions. But for those who are looking for something more permanent they should consider electrolysis removal of their unwanted hair.

The process of electrolysis involves inserting a probe resembling a needle into a hair follicle. An electrical current is sent through the probe directly to the root of the hair. This damages the hair beyond repair and the follicle dies. No more root- no more hair.

This procedure has been around for over a hundred years and has gained steady support through that time. Recently, it has surfaced again as the best and most efficient way of removing hair on a permanent basis. The renewed interest in it has drawn more and more individuals to take this step when others have failed them over the years.

Many people wonder if the effects are actually permanent. It almost sounds too good to be true, especially for women who have longed for an easier and longer lasting effect than they have gotten from their standard treatment options.

Well, the word is a resounding yes it is permanent. When performed correctly by a skilled and properly trained individual, and when the patient returns for their scheduled follow-up sessions, they can expect lasting results.

But just like any other hair removal treatment there are some side effects that can be expected. The area treated will have redness and depending on the level of hair that is removed there could even be some temporary scabbing. This will typically last for a few days.

Another inconvenience is the time involved. A single area may take several hours to complete, depending on the volume of hair that has to be removed. This can become frustrating if you have a significant amount of hair to be treated.

Women normally go for key areas such as the neck, lip, cheek, and chin and even around the bikini area for their choices. Men usually go for areas that will enhance their physique such as removing unwanted hair from their back or perhaps from the arms. Depending on the density of the growth the sessions might even have to be broken down into multiple visits. The individual should be prepared for this before they start.

Electrolysis removal of hair is considered permanent, but the individual has to be willing to go through the proper procedures and waiting period in order to reap the benefits. The electrolysis expert will be able to break down what to expect before you begin.

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